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Mac Games

The Apple Macintosh system suffers through the computer world because of lack programs and applications you can run on it. Also it suffers in the game world because most games you see coming out for the computer, they come out for the PC system which consists of Windows processor. But there are mac games out there but they aren’t as saturated as Windows versions but no problem, they are just as fun and game companies are always working on making their games compatible for all processors.

Well if you have a mac and you want a few and pretty cool games, you can check out and see what they offer. They have a good list of games that you can pay for and download online. I also found a few free ones on there but too bad I don’t have a mac. But if you do, you can get some games off the internet and enjoy them.

Domain Extension Doesn’t Matter

I have been seeing on more than a few forums where people ask which top level domain extension is the best. Everyone thinks that .com domain names are the best for setting up a site and selling later on. I am here to tell you that it’s not true. .com Domains are only preferred by most people but doesn’t necessarily have any affect on the site or domain or either of their values.

If you have the will and inspiration and the time to put into your website, you can turn any domain with any extension in the best of its type. I have a lot of domains and less than 50% of them are .com domains. I have more .net and .org domains than .com and I am managing all of them well enough. So stop asking which is the best domain extension, because it’s not the domain but the domain holder that matters.

Insure Yourself

I have mentioned several times before that insurance will always make you feel better about having that product. You don’t have to be careful with every little thing you do and you really don’t have to be. If it’s a car and you have good car insurance or if it’s on your house and you have cheap home insurance, then you don’t have to always worry about what if something happens to you or your property.

I do have insurance but not really the same. I have insurance on my Laptop and I have claimed it more than a few times. Well about five times to be exact and I am so glad that I had insurance. My old laptop stopped working after a while for no reason and it was always good to know that I have insurance and that I can get it fixed without much worry. And I can safely assume it is the same with all other types of insurance as I have family with both car and home insurance. It is also always good to compare car insurance or home insurance and go with what is best for you. Don’t settle with just anything, even if it’s the best deal ever, it could land you in deep waters.

Dial Up vs. DSL

Believe it or not, DSL is now the most used type of internet connection in the United States now. I do not know if it is the same throughout the rest of the globe but at least in the US. And you also won’t believe how many people still use Dial-Up connection companies like AOL, Netscape, and NetZero.

Dial Up certainly can save you a lot more money, but you are actually losing time. Lets say that your dial up connection costs you around $10 per month and it takes you two hours to do research for a paper. And imagine DSL costs $30 per month and the speed is around 100 times faster than Dial Up. How long will it take you to do your research? It can take you from 10 to 20 minutes. Don’t let a mere $20 per month slow you down because if you have an online business, you can only thrive with broadband connection.

Web Design Ideas

Web designing is something not everyone can do. It is extremely difficult and it takes a lot of time thus, requires a whole lot of patience. I have tried it myself but due to lack of time, I had to stop for a bit but I will eventually get back into it. Well one site that has caught my attention is called Web Design Ideas that can be found at They provide new and inovative tips for all old web designers and anyone starting out.

Web Design Ideas is updated about two to four times a day so there really is no need to worry about losing information or a gap in information. You probably will have more to read than you actually have time to read. They provide information on headers, footers, background, in content design, and much more. Well I have checked their header section and since I am not that great of a header creator for sites, I have found out some of the great effects a site can have. Now I have gotten some new ideas that I can use for my already made sites and some new to come ones in the future.

If you need new ideas for web designing or even if you are just starting out, you can check them out and see if they spark some new ideas for you. So good luck in the quest for learning something new.

Traffic Equals Money

Well I have been webmastering around for a while now and I have been stumbling upon a lot of things. I have learned a hell of a lot in the past few years about webmastering than when I first started out with a free host on tripod and just put images up. Well for one thing, I’ve found that if you combine your site with Google Adsense and if you have steady traffic, you can earn a lot. My arcade has been getting a few hundred hits a day and it makes a few dollars a day. I won’t tell you how much since that’s not what the post is about.

Even a few hundred visitors a day can equal to a lot of money for you if you know good keywords and know where to place your ads. You can have a PR6 site and make no money at all if you don’t know how to bring in people to visit your site and if your ads are completely out of site. So this is just a simple tip, if you have a lot of traffic, and if you use google adsense on your site, move the ad placements around and use different channels for each ad so you know where they are and then see what makes you more money.

Deisgn School

Why do people go to design schools? There are a few reasons but some of the common ones are, they love to design, they want to learn to design, or they want to get better at designing. There is more than one type of design so of course, there is more than one type of design school. You can’t expect to have just one category in anything. Even if you go into a career in law, you can do criminal or civil law and there are dozens of other branches. As for graphics, two very well known categories are graphic and interior design. Graphic designers basically work with computers and ad companies. Interior designers work with houses, apartments, and just work with making a place look better than it already is now. And interior design schools actually have rankings. The interior design schools ranking system is cool and a way for letting people know what school is best.

Rankings for most design schools and categories are given by the Almanac of Architecture and Design. They list the top interior design schools around the whole world. So you don’t have to worry about staying in the United States to do your learning, you can go abroad and do it if you have the motivation to go. But one thing I’d like to mention from the top list is that two out of the top five are right here in New York. They include Pratt Institute and Cornell and I am proud to say that I live in a state that has excellent schools like that. But you just have to do your research even if design isn’t for you.

Show Off Your Style

Everyone has a style these days. We are not in the mideval periods anymore where you have to struggle to get gold coins just to feed yourself. You will find what some people call “bling,” as well as I sometimes, in the bodies of other people. These consist of diamonds, men’s gold chains, rings, and even sometimes men’s wedding rings. Of couse you will find those on the ring fingers of men that are married but these days, people will wear them anyway.

But if you do need some gold for yourself or a loved one and if you wish to ask that special someone to marry you with a special antique engagement rings, then you can check I just came upon their site a little while ago and their selection of jewelry for both male and female is amazing. I am no jewelry expert, but their prices are pretty cheap. There are more than a few jewelry stores around me and it is nothing like that. If you are into jewelry and feel the need to have one, you know where to go.

Game Gold

You probably have heard of games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Rush On Seven Episodes, and Runescape. If you have you probably know that there is a type of in game currency they use. It is either called gold or silver or zulie or anything else that they like to use. Getting these game gold can be difficult because you may need to play a lot of hours to get “rich” in the game and show off to your buddies. Well one site thta can help you do that much easier is They will let you buy and exchange wow gold for the World of Warcraft game of course. is Europe’s leading site in the secondary market for MMORPGs so what they do for you and your game character and account is very useful, resourceful, and ultimately, it will bring you a bit of happiness that you are a little richer in the game. They don’t just let you exchange World of Warcraft gold but Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings, Vanguard, and Eve. So if you need in game gold, you know where to go.

Overseas Property

Sure you can buy property here in the United States or if you live in our neighbor country, Canada. But what about buying one overseas? What about buying property over 3,000 miles from where you live? You can set that up as your permanent vacation home and never have to go to a hotel again. Well if you want to buy any type of property in either Spain or Italy you can check out Overseas Property Shop and get more details. They list all the properties being sold, where exactly the property is in that country, and of course, prices. You will also get tons of useful information not many places or even agencies can offer you.

You can check out more information on the Overseas Property Shop website and of course, if you do not find what you are looking for, you can always do a Propertry Search and pick your country, your favorite two choices of places, and minimum and maximum amount of money you would like to spend. They will do the search for you and list everything you need from your search query. It is a search engine for finding the best and cheapest properties in the entire country of Spain and Italy. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out what I am talking about directly on their site. Good luck if you do choose to get any overseas property.

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