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Trusted Tours

When you are visiting a big city such as New York, San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles, then you probably need a good tour guide or tour group to help you see the sights and know what they are all about. Trusted Tours and Attractions is a company dedicated to help you get the best tour of any city and they will only fill you with knowledge and all the fun of knowing everything about the city. You can sign up for their e-newsletter at and get heads up on where they are establishing their business next so you can plan your next trip there.

If you do decide to sign up you will be entered to win 4 free tickets to tours in a city of your choice so just imagine what you can do with a trip like that. You can go to any city on their list and get a free tour of the whole city for free. You can fill yourself with knowledge of the city for free. I had a friend ask me if I wanted to go and hang out with him at San Diego a few months ago but first, we didn’t know anyone there, and second, we had no one to show us around so I may take up Trusted Tours on their offer and see if I can get those four tickets for that free tour. That could make my day.

Hosting an Arcade

From experience of hosting an arcade, I know that you should have plenty of web hosting space along with a lot of bandwidth. People will go around a lot of pages in your arcade looking for good games to play and each time a page is loaded, bandwidth is used. If you run out of bandwidth at the middle of the month, you won’t have a host for half of the month and that can take away activity and visitors and have a big drop in income and dedicated visitors to your site and that’s something you don’t want.

Portable Scanner

Years ago when we had to make a copy of a certain document, we would have to retype the whole thing if you used a type writer or go back to the original computer for the document to print again. Then came the copy machine which are huge machines that you have to place the paper and through clever light technology, it can copy any document put in there. Then came the scanner that allows you to copy any document in your hand and put it straight into your computer for easy editing. Now the portable scanner is out and you can literally take it with you anywhere you want to go.

The ScanShell 200NR is an example of a great portable scanner. If you own a business and you get business cards often, you can carry this with you and scan all the business card received from your affiliates or soon to be affiliates and save it straight into your computer. This is especially good if you are running out of space in your wallet. There is also a software available for Microsoft Outlook so you can send the scanned items to yourself and be just as well prepared as the next business when it comes to knowing what goes where.

Have a Watch

In the business world, it could mean that you just lost a $1,000,000 if your timing is bad. That’s why my tip to you for today is to always have a watch with you. With that watch, you will be keeping track of everything that you do and make sure you do it on time. Another tip, set it to about 5 minutes ahead of regular time.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine in Florida is one of the oldest established cities in America and right now, there are several St. Augustine Artwalk taking place. It takes place around the first weekend of the month. Also known as the ‘First Friday Weekend Art Walk’ and you won’t believe how many people go to watch the art. During those three days, it’s all about music and art in St. Augustine. I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of music and more or less of Art. I can play instruments and I can sing a bit with my manly voice but the arts, I can’t draw for life.

St. Augustine’s monthly celebration of its culture of music and arts is bringing it a lot of fame and tourists. They are already one of the most visited and most wanted to visit city in the whole country and their reputation just seems to get bigger and better. If you are into arts, music, and history, you can try going to St. Augustine during the first weekend of any month and see how much fun you have. And it’s the perfect time if you live in New York like me, because it will get freezing real soon. Have fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from WebZ Junk Zone. Well it is an American Holiday so if you don’t live in the United States and have never heard of it, don’t be surprised. It is a day where families get together and eat turkey, yes turkey. I have had a bit of turkey myself but I wasn’t really in the mood for a lot so I went out and brough home some Chicken Pizza and I have to say that it was delicious.

Tomorrow is Black Friday also known as the busiest shopping day of the whole year. I probably won’t go shopping but I know my mother and my sister probably will, they usually try to catch it every year trying to get the best discounts available. Well Happy Thanksgiving once again, hope you had a great day.

Holiday Hyper Market

Well guys, Thanksgiving is less than two days away and then comes Christmas which is just over a month away. Bookings to other places for the Christmas Holiday season will spike higher than any time of the year and the race to get a plane ticket or a room at a hotel can get rough. You can find cheap flights to Majorca as they can help you find some of the cheapest flights around to get to that beautiful island.

Majorca hasn’t always been a place that I wanted to visit until now of course. Right now, I’d rather be at any island than at home studying for my finals at college. What would you rather be doing? Well if you need some cheap flight information, tickets, or other traveling help, you can contact Holiday Hyper Market because they will be able to help you more than others during this crazy holiday season.

Rewritable Disks

If you want to transfer some files from one computer to another but don’t have an external hard drive or LAN connection set up, you may have some problems. Of course if you have regular CDs, you can always burn the CDs from the computer the files are primarily on and then reopen them on the secondary computer that needs the files. But you could be wasting a CD unless it is a Rewritable Disk.

BoSox in Training

The Boston Red Sox are world champions once again. This time I had no doubt after I had a peek of their opponents in the Post Season. Their challengers the Colorado Rockies had a good run in the regular season along with most of the post season but against the Boston Red Sox, they were creamed. The Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule has already been opened and they are ready to go again next year and win another world series. From the looks of it, they show no signs of weakness.

I would definitely like to go watch them train since they were World Series champs and they won another title a few years back. They have also been one of the best team in the whole Major League Baseball world matching with my favorite team the Yankees. Their rivalry has brought both teams fame and for that extreme rivarly, I like both teams and I like watching the two teams play. It would just be great if I had the chance to actually see a real MLB Team practice.

Pushing Me Away – Linkin Park FF Style

This is one of my favorite songs from the Linkin Park album Hybrid Theory which was released in 2000. This song is called “Pushing Me Away” and the only reason I put FF style there is because the video is a compilation of scenes from the Final Fantasy games. The scenes go from Final Fantasy 7 all the way to Final Fantasy 10.

The song has a great rock theme to it and the music in the back is amazing. This was truly one of their best songs in their early years. Once again, the song is called “Pushing me away” by Linkin Park. Enjoy the video and the music!

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