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Portable Heaters

Well it is winter both technically according to our calendar and literally if you feel the cold chill outside. If you need heating and you are always going from one place to another, why not get some gas portable heaters so you can take it anywhere with you at all? They are safe and secure and of course, portable to help you take it from one place to another with ease.

Owning a portable heater and using it may be excellent if you are in the business of construction work. If you are building a new house, there is a 99.9% chance that there is no indoor heating yet unless you are in the deep part of finishing the project. You can take the heater with you anywhere and use it anytime and it is fueled with gas so you don’t have to worry about finding an electric outlet.

2007 is Over

In just another 3 days, the year of 2007 will be over and we’ll all look back to it as the past. The year 2008 is a leap year so you know what that means. There is an extra day in the whole year making it 366 days. The extra day is added to February making it 29 days instead of the usual 28 days.

The only reason we have a leap year is because the calendar system is a bit messed up. There are actually 365 and a quarter (0.25) days to a year but they sum it up to just 365. Then 4 years later, they just add an extra day to make it all up. It is clever but still annoying since it’s not always consistent. But anyway, Hope you guys have a great year to come.

Pacquiao vs Marquez

Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao is a pretty famous boxer and one of the best in his weight division in my opinion. He is little but he is fast and he is agressive. If you have seen any of his matches you would know what I am talking about. His fists goes at his opponents like cars coliding and he always finds the little space to hit the face for extra points. And now Pacquiao has another opponent to face. His opponent is Juan Manuel Marquez with whom he’d had a great past with. Pacquiao/Marquez tickets are available for March 15, 2008 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can assume it’ll be packed and if you really want to view the match, I suggest you get those tickets soon.

Last time Marquez and Pacquiao fought, it ended in a tie. At first Pacquiao seemed as if he was winning, he knocked down Marquez about 3 times in the first round but don’t count Marquez out. He came back at the end and the whole match ended in a tie. That was about four years ago if I am not mistaken. So you better believe this fight will be a great one. This may be the first between the two where there is an actual winner. Can’t wait to see it, what about you?

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and people are rushing to get some of the last minute gifts. I ordered a pair of headsets from ebay 2 weeks ago which was due to come on friday as a Christmas Present to myself but its Christmas eve now and NO gift. UPS is delivering it and their message to me was that they are busy with all the other packages they had to deliver.

Surety Bond Blog

The surety bond blog provides some great information about the different types of bonds out there. One type of bond is known as the performance bond which deals with construction work. This blog explains what it is and I happen to agree with its concept.

Due to the internet, surety bonds have gotten a lot more popular and more people are aware of them. The performance bonds that deals with construction has been used by many companies to compensate on losses and again, bonds can be used as a type of insurance because if you need the money, you can trade in your bond for that. And thanks to the internet, more and more people the past year have started to use these surety bonds for their own benefits.

Yahoo Indexes

In the past, yahoo has always indexed more pages and given nearly double the results of its competing search engine and all of our favorite, Google. Yahoo still gives a lot more results than Google and for the reason that Yahoo is less lazy. They send out a lot more yahoo slurp bots than google and I notice that from looking at my forum. Nearly 300 times more yahoo bots than google bots visit my forum everyday.


Forturo is an all in one small business management system that is dedicated to help out any business succeed with the power of the computer and the internet. It is basically just a browser based business solution software that can help you manage all that you need for your small to medium sized business. You can access their website at which is pretty easy to remember if you remember the company name.

With forturo, you can keep track of all the activity going on in your business whether its intra business meaning inside your won business or inter business which is transactions with other businesses around you. With this easy to manage software, you can manage your employees and keep track of clients and customers. If you need to just search for certain things, you can use the filter available to filter out all useless information and get to the point already. You don’t have to buy anything here if you don’t like it. Forturo offers an online demo so you can try it all out yourself and see how easy it is. They also have special download modules and extras for you if you need any and best of all they offer other resources that can only benefit you and your small business. Make your life and your business much easier to manage with Forturo.

One Step Closer – Linkin Park

This song is titled “One Step Closer” performed by Linkin Park in their first album Hybrid Theory. This is a hardcore rock song and the guitar music is awesome. This video was one of my favorites and most watched at one time but eventually everything wears out.

This video is still awesme and I spotted it again after listening to the song on my ipod after a while. The video is great and the guys look really young compared to some of their most recent videos from the newest album Minutes to Midnight.

Enjoy the video and once again its called One Step Closer by Linkin Park.

Max the Stunt Monkey

The Maxell Corporation is a pretty big company always trying to win the hearts over from people from time to time. And this time they have introduced Max The Stunt Monkey to do some crazy stunts and dances and they have posted the video online. It is pretty hilarious and pretty cool to what the monkey can do sometimes.

Please note that it isn’t a real monkey. I don’t think they would be endangering any animals for this. But it is pretty funny because it is a human that’s doing it all. I am about to suggest the monkey to do the hokey pokey or the electric slide dance. Maybe you should submit your own stunt and see how it goes from there. Just pure entertainment that makes you love the Maxell Coporation a bit more.

The Shorter the Better?

People often likes to think that the shorter a domain is the better it is and I am here to say that the saying is not always true. Of course WZJZ is pretty short and you only have to remember 3 letters and one letter you have to remember twice. But imagine a domain like – that domain is fairly easy to remember and contains 3 times more letters so.

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