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Duco Media

Duco Media has come up with a brilliant idea of a type of Online Reputation system. You can read more about the Duco Medias Reputation Management Service at of course. This allows companies as well as individuals have a type of reputation on the web. Of course from discussions on other blogs and forums, there may be negative reputation about you or your company.

Duco Media wants to help you raise your reputation by making some of those negative reputation remarks disappear. This will help you, your site, and business rank much higher in all search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, the three Big Search engines out there. Just imagine how much more traffic and customers you will be able to get with traffic like that.

500 GB vs. 1 TB HDD

Hard Drives are essential and kind of very necessary for a computer. And today prices of a hard drives have gone down big time. There was a point where 40 gigabyte hard drives were HUGE and they would cost around $200 for just one internal one. Now 500 Gigabytes and even 1 terabyte hard drives have come out. You can now get 500 Gigabyte hard drives for around $100 or a 1 terabyte one for around $250.

Pharma Watch Dog

Pharma Watch Dog is an online site, well rather a blog, dedicated to inform you as well as me about the newly found health dangers and just more about health. It has some very useful information on new findings by the government and just basic science.

The Pharma Watch Dog blog helps us keep in mind what the world is doing to keep us safe from new diseases and viruses as well as informing us about the new ones coming out or just discovered. Just think of this as a basic health care website where you can find a ton of information about health and pharmacy and it gets my recommendation.

New Computer Case

Today I ordered my brand new XION manufactured Computer case for a new computer I have planned to build in the near future. Hopefully by the time Spring break comes at the end of February I will have assembled all of the parts necessary for my new computer.

So far the Case is checked off my list and next comes the PSU or Power Source Unit and then probably going to look at the hard drive. The motherboard, Graphics Card, and the processor will be the last things I look to buy. It is unusual because last time, the processor came first. This time I want to buy the things that are general and then focus on what will determine the raw power of the Computer later on. Wish me luck.

Leet Servers

I am a huge Counterstrike fan. I have been playing the game ever since I could remember and If I have to guess, I’ve been playing on CS Servers for at least 7 or 8 years now. And the only way you can play online is you are playing on Game Servers. You can even rent your own game server and give out admin as you wish and choose the maps and even the modifications. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Leet Servers is a gaming company that sells exactly what you are looking for. I have actually had the pleasure of owning a few Counter Strike servers in my Life and it is a huge responsibility and at the same time, very fun to have with that much power. Since I have college these days I am not able to play too much or set up my own server. But if you have the free time, you can count on leet servers to provide you with some of the best quality and best priced servers around.

Its Going Down – Linkin Park + X-ECUTIONERS

Well I haven’t posted a video here in a while so here is a treat. Below is the Music Video called “Its Going Down” Performed by X-Ecutioners featuring certain members of Linkin Park such as Mr. Hahn as the DJ and of course Mike Shinoda as the Rapper. He does a great job here and it is one of my all time favorite songs. The music video is better than their album version which misses parts of the chorus.

Enjoy this video and once again it is called “its Going Down” by Linkin Park and the X-Ecutioners.

Web Image

Web Image has set up a new program which is kind of an Online Advancement program where it is designed to help business succeed. You can Click here for more information about this issue because you will get more information on their site than on here. They offer their Web Design and web support, web promotion, and web optimization program to anyone that may need it.

So what will 1 Web Image do for you and your business? They will make you a customized website and then help you promote the site even though you didn’t have to do much work on it. If you haven’t expanded your business borders to the internet yet, I suggest that you really do this and 1 Web Image can help you do exactly that. They are professional and they always keep their products and services clean and keep their customers satisfied.

Sites with Potential

If you open a site you have a site with potential to succeed in the real world. That is just my personal opinion anyway but I do believe that all sites that come out have potential to succeed. I have seen people that flame other websites saying that they “suck” and they will never get anywhere and that is just absolutely wrong.

I have opened a forum over a year and a half ago known as Gamers Forum, which was frequently mentioned on this blog. I have had people tell me that it is too hard to manage a forum and that we will get no where, and I have proved all of them wrong, and they are no where to be seen to criticize my sites anymore.

If you open a site for the first time, don’t let anyone tell you that you or your site cannot succeed.

Skin Care

You have to take care of your skin if you want to look great and feel great. When you have breaks in your skin or if it’s breaking out, you will not look as great as you will. you can go to for more information about their Intensive K Plus product which is a Relief Cream that helps your skin greatly in more tha none way.

With the Intensive K Plus product that costs just $37, you can decrease redness on your face and the product is Anti-Inflammatory. It also helps fix broken capillaries on your skin so you you don’t have to worry about bleeding or another form of your skin breaking. It is safe and it is recommended by many in the world. You can get this product Directly from and have it shipped to you. Good luck with it.

Started Classes on the 23rd

Once again, I’ve started classes at my second term of college two days ago on January 23rd, the day after My last post on this blog. It was pretty good and as always, the first day of classes is great and it makes you feel as if you will have no trouble at all the whole term. But it was my third day today and that first feeling has fled really quickly.

Now I am in the process of buying all of the books I need for my classes. So far buying college books has taken up more time than some of my classes. I’ve been going from store to store to find the right book with the right price and I still have at least three more books to buy. Wish me luck as I keep on going with my second term in college.

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