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Last Day of February

Today is February 29th. And we will not see this date for another four years when it is the year 2012. It was a great month. This extra day got us through a lot. And I feel that I had a lot more time to do more things. An Extra 24 hours. I know it was just an addition of 6 hours each of the last four years including this one, but this felt different.

I had gotten a lot of work done today. I had gotten my CS servers and TS Servers finalized today without any problem. And I had even downloaded a few maps and installed on the CS servers. I even had times to play on the servers with a few friends, tons of fun. This extra 24 hours for the month of February has given me somewhat more courage than any other year, I always feel this way when it is a leap year.

Can’t wait for the next one.

Izea Ranks

Izea is a huge company working on making life easier for us bloggers. I have known about them for some time and I have used some of their services and you can bet I am very happy with it. Izea has recently brought out their own ranking system for blogs known as IZEARanks. If you are familiar with Google’s Page Rank system and you actually follow that, I say turn away and look towards Izea Ranks. Another name for Izea Ranks is Real Rank. And it is only for blogs so if you have a forum, sorry but hopefully they can do something about that in the future.

Izea Ranks works kind of like the page rank system but this actually makes sense. Page Rank dealt with just back links and after a while google just went against their own ethics when it came to their own page rank system. Izea does base it on Back links but not as heavily. They base their Rank system on your blog mostly based on your traffic. If you get a ton of traffic and visitors to your website, your real rank will be higher. Well actually, your real rank number will be lower but here, the lower the number the better it is for you and your blog. And they have a system where you can Call your blog a RR5 or Real Rank 5 and that means your blog is one of the top 50% of all blogs in their database. That is awesome.

I said RR5 because this blog is a Real Rank 5. It is my first blog ever that I have opened over a year ago and it has come far. My blog ranks top 50% in a huge database of other awesome blogs, it’s just amazing. I have been using Izea Ranks for some time now and I will recommend them to anyone with a blog. Just sign up and see where your blog stands against other blogs around the web. My rank is constantly increasing, make sure your blog isn’t too far away otherwise I’ll leave you in dust.


FTP Allows all of us to connect to a remote server through an FTP Manager and it makes file transfer much easier than ever before. Of course you can use your browser’s HTTP manager to upload and download files, but you will have to do that per file and you can’t even transfer whole folders from one server or computer to another. With FTP that and more is possible.

With FTP, you can transfer folders in bulk both ways and just download and upload the files you need and then go away to watch TV. With the Traditional HTTP Method, You will need to come back very often to start the next http download or upload.

If you are wondering which FTP Manager is good and free at the same time, I have just one recommendation for you. FileZilla is an FTP Manager which is completely Free and it is great. You can transfer files both ways in and out of the server and it’s free. I just can’t say that enough. I use FileZilla and I am very happy with it.

Just Search up FileZilla somewhere and download it and see if it fits you.


What did one oyster say to the other? It said “Hey, oyster-ting to make me mad.” Don’t know if you get it but its basically saying that “you starting to make me mad.” I know it is a lame joke but I thought of it when I was checking out the Gulf oysters site at They have some great information on oysters and how they can affect you.

If you love to eat oysters, it is raw mollusk and they have a bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus bacteria that could be affecting you as you are eating these little mollusks. You can go to for more information on how you can help yourself and even how you can find out if you are being affected by that nasty bacteria by reading up about some of the symptoms. Don’t let the love of oysters kills you.

Where Will You Go by Evanescence

I know I haven’t posted any videos here for a while but here is one to fill in the gap. It is a pretty cool song by evanescence that just sounds good. I listened to it at first because I liked the background music and the rhythm.

The song is called Where Will You Go by Evanescence for their album titled Origin. Enjoy the song, not much of a music video though. Couldn’t find a good video.


PBU is the Professional Bartenders Unlimited service located in Tuscan, Arizona and they have been serving the community with full time Professional beverage catering services since 1984. So you can safely assume they have the knowledge and experience to server any one at any time.

If you are having a huge party with an open part of some sort. You can use the Professional Bartenders Unlimited Service to spice up the look of the occasion. People often think the food in the party is the most important thing to look out for, but no one really knows that without drinks of any kind, food may not look so great because of thirst. So don’t take the chance to bore your party goers.

Logitech Quickcam

Below is a picture of my newly bought web cam that I had purchased just last night for my younger sister. Since I ordered it late last night, I don’t have the product yet because it hasn’t been shipped yet. I am waiting for the tracking number so I know exactly when It will come.

I have ordered this Logitech Quickcam along with a Logitech Mouse, Logitech Keyboard, and a 50 foot long Generic Ethernet cable. I have used logitech products in the past and have found them to be extremely reliable and great.

Logitech Quickcam

Home Ferret

Home Ferret is a place where you can FIND NEW HOMES NOW for yourself and your family in the Dallas area. It is a form of virtual home search engine where you can literally look into the homes you like and see what’s inside.

With Home Ferret, you can find the homes that are the right size for you and your pocket. If you don’t want to over spend or even under spend on homes, they will help you do that. If you need a house with a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms for a huge family, Let Home Ferret help you.

Below is a little press release that explains a bit more:

Contact: Brad Holden
Day Phone: (469)-733-2723
Fax: (972)-334-9907

For Immediate Release


A 25 foot blue ferret named Frankie will be unveiled in Texas. Dallas-based will launch its new home search website on March 1st, 2008, a free service to homebuyers and realtors in the DFW Metroplex. The voice of Brooke Layne, the original host of the show “Hot on Homes” will guide visitors through an interactive home search process, based on realtors and buyers’ specific preferences. Extensive detail, including floor plans, photos of homes, neighborhood demographics and amenities will also be provided to help users narrow their searches.
“Until now, there hasn’t been any successful sites dedicated primarily to new homes with local up to date information in the DFW market,” states Bradley Oellermann, Co-founder of Unlike larger sites such as,, or, the ferret has a distinct advantage. They will show the conveniences and lifestyles to anyone searching on the site with locations of schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and banks provided by Google Maps.
According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 87% of Americans start their home search on the internet. “We believe that with increasing popularity of the internet, the home buying process will begin online. will facilitate that process for buyers and realtors needs.”
Frankie the Ferret will be unveiled in the beginning of March near the Plano/Frisco area.
Don’t miss it!

GF Servers: TeamSpeak

If you are a members of my Gamers Forum, I have a treat for you. The TeamSpeak server is up once again as version 1.1. It was plugged off a few days ago by accident but it has been brought back to life now and it is better than ever.

Time Management

Don’t you wish you can manage your time just a little bit better? If you read the articles and recourses for time management, goal setting, and setting smart goals on, you may be able to become better at everything in your life since you will now know how to manage your time and what kind of goals you can set for yourself.

Knowing how to manage your time will help you succeed in your personal life as well as the business world. These days it is hard not to get involved with some sort of business so make sure you are ready for it all.

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