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Film Festival

Many people have been looking forward to the Viral Film Festival coming here in New York City from April 28th to May 3rd. It is just a little over a month away and it has been creating a lot of hype. I have a few friends that are excited to going there to check out how it is.

You can go to for more information on how you can get into the festival and have fun. I will probably go if a friend or two pushes me which I won’t be surprised about. And since it’s around the time I Have finals, it may be hard. But if you go, make sure you enjoy yourself.

New Blog Coming Up

Over the next day and hopefully by tomorrow night, my newest blog will be ready to release. This will be the 7th blog that will be live and active online. This is lucky number 7 and hopefully it becomes big. The name is Duersata and you will not get a link to it for a little while. Not until I am done coding at least.

Oyster Jewels

Oysters are known for two things. One is being a delicious mollusk for many whether they eat it as raw sea food or if they have it cooked and then eat it. And the other thing they are known for is producing pearls. These are round balls that are jewels and that are very unique. Can only be found in the mouth of an oyster. It is beautiful and Gulf oysters probably make some of the best looking and best feeling pearls around. Many people, especially women, wear these oyster produced pearls around their necks as necklaces or around their wrist as bracelets and then at the end they end up eating the oyster’s inside because they like the producer of their pearls as a food source.

But what if these oysters produced coals or even diamond, would you still eat these things? You can go to for more information on how eating oysters can affect you negatively and what you can do in order to remain healthy by eating oysters. One tip from me is to always cook those things because there can be a lot of harmful bacteria you can’t see with your eyes. Stay save with oysters and their jewels.

Setting up Second Proxy

A few days ago I mentioned my first proxy living on because I’ve renewed the domain and now I am here to tell you that I’ll be working on releasing my second ever Proxy. The name is bare proxy, it isn’t ready for public release yet. I am still working on editing the files to my needs.

Dark Sky Festival

Did you hear about the Dark Sky Festival taking place in Florida in under a month? If not you should really check out what they are doing and what they say about light pollution. Light Pollution is not like the carbon dioxide pollution you see about on television and how it is affecting our global climate causing global warming. This really doesn’t do much harm except take away the beauty of the night sky. I love astronomy and anything related to astronomy. When I get the chance I look up at the sky wondering about the stars and the planets and I can actually spot a few planets here in New York City without a telescope. But it is hard with all the light pollution blocking the night sky with its own lights and other luminous objects such as airplanes. And this is exactly what the dark sky festival will let you feel and experience.

On April 5th, 2008 starting at around 7 PM in Florida, the 5th Annual Dark Sky Festival at Harmony will take place and this is the place to be if you always wanted to see what the sky would look like without all the light pollution. If it was 200 years ago, festivals like this in the United States would not be necessary since you would get a good glimpse of the night sky just by looking up. But times have changed and if you want to get an idea, show up at the Dark Sky Festival on April 5th.

Get Ready! This Year’s Dark Sky Festival is Out-of-this-World

HARMONY, FL – March 15, 2008 – The 5th Annual Dark Sky Festival at Harmony will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2008. Sponsored by the Harmony Institute, the Kissimmee Convention and Visitors Bureau, several astronomy clubs, the Osceola News Gazette and Florida Travel & Life Magazine, the event will kick off at 7pm in Harmony’s Town Square.

“The Dark Sky Festival is intended to celebrate and promote the benefits of a night-sky free from the effects of excessive artificial lighting,” said Greg Golgowski, Harmony’s Conservation Director and a key member of the Dark Sky Festival Planning Committee. “Poor outdoor lighting not only washes out the splendor of the heavens, but also reduces visibility at night, wastes energy, and disturbs wildlife.”

As with the past four Dark Sky Festivals, attendees will be able to enjoy viewing the night skies through a variety of telescopes. There also be lots of music and food, numerous specialty booths, an educational zone with presentations from astronomers and other scientists, nocturnal creatures, a Cosmic Kids Zone and so much more.”

Local favorite, the Silver Clouds Orchestra, will start the entertainment portion of the evening at 7:00pm. This will be followed by a free concert by legendary recording artists, Rare Earth.

Rare Earth will take to Harmony’s outdoor amphitheatre stage at 8:00pm for a live concert chock full of their greatest hits including “Get Ready” and “I Just Want to Celebrate.”

“We are ecstatic to have Rare Earth performing at this year’s Festival,” said Shad Tome, president of Harmony Development Group. “We are encouraging everyone to wear comfortable shoes because Rare Earth is known for getting the whole audience up and dancing.”

The festival will be emceed by Magic 107.7’s afternoon drive on-air personality and program director Ken Payne.

The Festival is open to the general public. Over 3,500 people are expected to attend the event this year. The event will conclude around 11:00pm.

This date was selected because it falls on the heels of National Dark Sky week (March 29 – April 4); where people in the United States are encouraged to turn out their unnecessary outdoor lights in order to temporarily reduce light pollution.

For more information, please visit or call 407-891-8358.

New Parakeet

Yesterday evening, I went out and bought myself a new Parakeet on top of the two that I already have from before. This new one is a green and black with partly yellow feathers, very pretty. It is roughly under three months of age so I cannot tell the gender yet until the color of the nose turns color.

Columbia Online Degree

How would you like to get an online degree for yourself from the Columbia Southern University? If you want to get an online degree from this great online accredited college, you can go to and check out what they can offer you. It contains accredited online degrees so you can assume and know for a fact that what you are going for is completely reliable and it is accredited so it will be looked upon as a great accomplishment by many. Whether you want to get a job or even try for a higher position in your own current workplace, you can use this online degree from Columbia Southern University and move up.

Many people tend to look down on online degrees because they believe you don’t learn or you don’t get that same college or university feel and experience. I can tell you that they are wrong and they are only saying that because they haven’t read enough about the whole online degree era we are facing in our nation. But whatever it is you decide to do, give online degree a thought because it can save you money and time and good luck getting your degree whether it is online or offline!

Easter Break

This coming Sunday is easter and I wish you all a happy holiday for the day. Many schools have this whole week off or next week off. Some even have both weeks off which is just amazing since I only get two days off this Thursday and Friday. But nonetheless this Easter and come unusually early since it should happen during April.

Interior Design

If you are looking for some interior design tips the ABC Fine Design Blog is your best bet. If you want to save energy and keep your home stylish with all the latest interior design, you can learn how to do that from the blog.

It is always great to show off the place you live in to your friends and family. It shows them that you can take care of yourself and that you are your own man or your own woman. You don’t need to depend on anyone else to take care of you. And if you want to do it all on your own with just a few minor tips, head over the the ABC Fine Design Blog and start your journey.

The Joy of Server Move

My forum along with a few blogs were moved from one server to another, supposedly better server. But ever since the move none of the files have been working properly. More importantly the htaccess and other script files such as php and perl haven’t been working properly.

It is extremely frustrating because I can’t do anything about it and I am losing visitors along with potential members and who could forget the activity on both blogs and forums.

Hope they fix the issue soon because it is very annoying.

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