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Black Friday

If you have seen those thanksgiving ads about the Black Friday that is right after the Thanksgiving. Well it is the day after Thanksgiving and it is always on a friday. It has gotten the name black friday because it is a friday where shops and stores all over the country drop down their prices and open extra early to start the shopping season for Christmas which is generally less than a month away. This can also be a very tense day because some people will have to wake up really early to wait in lines all day and keep standing on your feet all day long and come home exhausted, so tired that you can not even get up until the afternoon on the next day, I know because I was dragged into some years back.

But now is here to help you skip all the stores and shop at home. You will be able to find places like Best Buy which has a lot of technological devices and products which happen to be my favorite. You can enjoy the price savings along with shopping from sitting in a chair in front of your computer without having to carry bags all around the mall and other stores and just looking like crap at the end of the day.

Happy memorial Day

Happy memorial Day to all of you from the WebZ Junk Zone blog. This is a great day to salute to our troops in the past and the present. I hope you guys have had fun today even though the day is almost over.

Happy memorial day once again and hope you can wait for the next patriotic holiday which is in July 4th where we celebrate the American Independence Day.


SocialSpark is the new and hot attraction out there for any blogger. If you are a member of Pay Per Post or PPP or even the Izea family, they have released the public version of Social Spark earlier and hope that it will be even bigger than pay per post. I am a member of Social Spark with another blog of mine and right now I am just experimenting with them and see how their way is. You can visit My Profile and really check out how they are making it all “Social” and it works great. It doesn’t have much but you can really customize with a lot of information so here is Ted’s Profile who is on my friend’s list.

I will keep on working with social spark hoping to find and make some more money. It probably will not be too much in the beginning but I am not trying to be a skeptic here. Right now Social Spark doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to grab and it makes you wait for the Opp so that’s probably one of the negatives and that’s why I’ve only made $5 something in the past 2 weeks. But again, earning whatever I can is a plus because I love blogging and I am blogging to make some money.

They are owned by Izea which is a huge company, the makers of Real Rank which is more fun than the old Google Page Rank so I trust Izea and their new plans and wish them good luck on this project and I know I will be a part of it, will you? Join up at today.

Note: This post is sponsored by SocialSpark.


I have been looking at around a 1000 Comments a day and moderating them, it is a lot of work especially when you can’t tell if its spam or if it is real. But right now there is about 13,000 Comments. I haven’t looked at them since Sunday because I’ve been busy and on Sunday, there was only 5,000 comments unread.

It is spectacular to how many comments I’ve been getting. I will most likely look at a lot of these comments tonight and see what I can do with them. And in the meantime I will take a screenshot of it and post it up later because it is a remarkable number and we achieved it in just a few days.

Phone Cards

Phone cards are out to save us all a lot of money on our phone bills. This makes it possible for us to talk long distances without having to worry about paying thousands of dollars for speaking a few dozen minutes. Believe it or not, back in the day, it would cost a LOT to talk to someone overseas, well it is equivalent to a lot of money today even though it was around a dollar or two back then, but dollar value has declined. Using phone cards means you are using prepaid minutes. If you paid $10 for a card, guess how long you will get to talk and guess how much you will be spending? You will get to talk that $10 worth whether its $0.01 per minute or $0.50 per minute and it will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, go above that $10 limit because you only paid $10, the phone card company will only lose money if they let you use more minutes so it really does not make any sense and this is why you should take advantage of talking with phone cards.

If you have a friend or family member over seas and can go and talk for hours at a time and you do not really keep tabs on how long you have talked, then a phone card is right for you if you want to save money and if you do not want to over pay with your own phone company. Phone Cards Avenue has some of the best priced and quality phone cards available. Visit them at for more information on how you can save money and not over pay with your phone company. I have used them in the past and will keep on using them in the future. Have Fun Talking!

WzJz Upgraded

This blog has just been upgraded to the latest version of wordpress with a minor security fix. The version is now wordpress 2.5.1 and it doesn’t feel any different except knowing that it is a bit safer when it comes to dealing with security and outside intruders.

Another trouble forced me to upgrade due to some glitches that would not let me see the index page of the admin panel and thankfully that has been fixed.

Enjoy WebZ Junk Zone because more will come!

Print Your Invites

Printing out custom invitations or even professionally made invitations is a great thing to do. Whether you want invitation cards for your wedding, an upcoming birthday party or even business checks, it is always professional to actually give out invitation cards rather than tell people to come by mouth. And of course if the person forgets the date and time of the special occasion, all the person has to do is go back and look at the card, simple, and a very easy way to remember. And it makes it easier for the person to remember the address if there is one or if it is not in the usual place.

So if You want to know about where you can get professionally printed custom invitations, then I have two words for you, Vista Print. At Vista Print, they will print out all the invitations you need whether it is a custom invitation card or a pre-made one. They have the experience needed to help you reach your goals of getting all those people invited into your party. Visit their site at for more information and remember that invitation cards mean more than just words, they work as a reminder as well.

May is Here

May 2008 is here and so far this year is going by extremely fast. We are already on the 5th month of the year. And I could swear, 10 years ago, it would take FOREVER to come to May. But this has finally come and I am happy.

And unlike most other school years, I finish college in May and my last day of classes is on Tuesday and the last day of finals is about another week and a half away. I can’t believe that my college freshman year is almost finished, I am excited, hopefully next year will go by as fast unless I am having fun.

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