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Vacation Rentals in Wilmington

If you want information on where you can get Wilmington NC vacation rentals then the place to go would be the Network Wilmington website. There you will be able to get all the information you need regarding vacation rentals so the next time You are in Wilmington, North Carolina, just get yourself and your family and friends and get a vacation rental.

I know many people favor hotels over vacation rentals but these rentals give you more privacy and gives you more quiet than any hotel will ever give you. You can head over to their website at for more information and check out the rentals page for info on the vacation rentals. Have fun!


As a test I wanted to see how high the comment count on this blog will go. Right now it is at 20,375 comments right now and I have seen many of them and just left the spam on there and approved all the valid ones. It has been like that for over 2 months now and imagine getting 10,000+ Spam comments per month.

It is crazy I know but I want to see if I can hit a 100,000 spam comments by the end of the year. It is a weird goal but it I find it a bit amusing. And by then I will post a screenshot of that here. It is funny and amazing why people take the time to just waste time.

Free Pizza for a Year

The Ristorante Contest offered by Dr. Oetker’s and in this little competition you will have the chance to win win free pizza for a year. Imagine all the pizza in the world in the palm of your hands and its all free for a full 365 days and since this year is a leap year, maybe they’ll add on a day for you.

The contest is in celebration of the launch of their website. And sadly for me this offer is only available to Canadian readers so that means I may be making a call to my cousins living in Canada to let them know about it. Of course you can try as well because this ends in about a week on June 27th, don’t miss out!

Happy Father’s Day

Today Passed Fathers Day. The day we all should appreciate our fathers for bringing us into this world and shining up our lives with inspiration and love. The day only comes once a year so today is the day to show your father the appreciate and if it happens to be his birthday, make it twice as nice.

Spend some time with your father and give him something from the heart, he will appreciate you a lot.

Happy Father’s Day Guys! Only once a year.

San Jose Car Insurance

If you are looking for cheap car insurance san jose or around that area then the place to go is known as Cost U Less and you can find them at if you are interested.

They offer car insurance throughout California, well northern california for now, and they are expanding outwards. Hopefully they make it to the east coast because I have read a lot of great reviews about them.

Heat Wave

We are currently in between a long and cruel heat wave that has lasted the past four days including today. Temperatures have gone to and over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That may not be hot for people living in the Mid east and near the equator, but trust me, over here in New York City, it is very hot.

It is also very unlikely considering that only June just started a few days ago. Usually if we get to near a 100 degrees fahrenheit, we get it around August which is the hottest day of the month, hopefully its over soon.

Wimbledon Tickets

If you are looking for a place to get Wimbledon debenture tickets then I have got the perfect place for you to go to get that every thing. You can log on to the Teamone Tickets websites and just search for the wimbledon debenture tickets and be on your way to seeing your favorite wimbledon matches no matter which tennis player plays who. I know there are many fans that will be very excited to get their hands on these types of wimbledon tickets. I am not a HUGE fan of it but I watch it from time to time when it needs be.

I have a few friends that were in my high school tennis team and they were pretty good and I know they watch wimbledon when they get the chance. Well they watch any tennis match when they can so it is like the same as me with sports such as basketball and baseball and football. I will surely tell them about taemone tickets and see if they are interested in getting their own tickets to the upcoming wimbledon debenture tickets and I have a feeling they will not be able to resist thanking me and actually getting the tickets.

Won Two Routers

Yesterday I was bidding on a few routers on eBay for my parent’s store. I was only coming close to win one at around 9 pm and I won a netgear refurbished router. And then I noticed I had bid on another router two days ago and I was winning that too.

Since I wasn’t paying attention and Since I bid on this days before and there was just a few minutes left to the auction, I could not retract my bid and there was no reason for that any way so I was hoping to get outbid at some point. But that hope didn’t come into play and I had to pay for both routers within two hours and now I have to figure out how to get rid of one later on.


GPS tracking devices has truly made going around much easier than ever before. And in the beginning of time there were not even any regular maps to look at. People relied on the stars and basic knowledge and visual knowledge of their surroundings to get around. But now GPS which stands for Global Positioning System has made it much easier to drive around and even walk around. These little devices will tell you where you are any where on the planet and if you put in a destination it will tell you how to get to your destination the quickest way. And if by mistake you take a wrong turn the little device will work out a new route for you so you can find the next quickest way.

My uncle that drives a minivan has a GPS Device in his car and since he has relied on this so much he does not even know how to get around his neighborhood sometimes. It is not a bad thing but this is just to show how global positions systems has changed our lives. Years ago it was only available for the Military and then made available to air liners but now regular people like you and me can get a GPS Device any where and any time and use it any way we want just to make getting around much easier.

Happy June

Today is the first day of june, I can’t believe that May is already over and June has come up so quickly. My younger sister’s school year ends in a few weeks and it truly is quick.

The 6th month of 2008 is here already and before you know it, July will be here then the year 2009 and then 2010 and then 2011 where I will be graduating from college. Life is truly going by quickly these days.

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