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Blaze Media Pro

If you need something to help you convert videos from AVI to MPEG format then you are in luck because the Blaze Media Pro software is here for you. Convert your videos from and to CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, and even flash and I left out many other formats.

This is like a program that you will always use for your videos and audios. It is multi purpose and you can convert your videos to whatever feels necessary and even burn them and watch them on DVD, easy as that. Go to for more information on the software.

Autobahn Video

I made this video last night of the Autobahn Arcade game and I get a score of over 10,000 which isn’t done by many or by me in every try so it is pretty difficult. This game is pretty fun so if you want to play the game, play at any time. In the meantime enjoy the video and see if you can do any better.

Cart Software

If you need a customizable store software for your online store then you can trust the AmeriCommerce to help you out. The AmeriCommerce shopping cart software will help you build and manage your online business easily as well as let you customize and analyze multiple online stores from one easy to use management console.

You can visit their web site at for more information. If you think the americommerce shopping cart software can help your business grow by helping you processes orders and payments then by all means you should get it. Don’t wait, take action to help your online business grow today.

Three Weeks to Go

I only have 3 weeks left to enjoy my vacation. Then I have to start up my second year in college. I am pretty excited about that before I went through my first year in a breeze and hopefully my second year is the same way.

Summer has definitely gone by very fast. I hope the next three weeks doesn’t go by as quickly because I still have to finish a few more things.


If you need teak furniture t hen the place to go would be the Be Furnished web site store. Teak Furniture Generally refers to those furniture you see outside in someone’s backyard. The outside teak table along with the teak chairs which look comforting and they should be. And at you will be able to find all that you need. They have the best looking teak sets I have ever seen. They look elegant and they look like something you would enjoy sitting down with your friends in the evening as the sun sets and enjoying yourselves.

Their teak sets may look great, but that is not all. They have the teak furniture made from the best quality materials so you know you are getting a good deal. And on top of that their prices are cheaper than most other places. And also if you have a set already but want to add another table or just individual chairs, you can find them all at be furnished. Just visit their web site at for more information. Good luck with your new teak sets.

Headset Destroyed

My Headset was destroyed yesterday after being sucked into the Vacuum Cleaner. I was trying to clean my room and I had not noticed that the head set wire slipped onto the floor. And I inadvertently vacuumed over the wire and it was sucked in.

It was ripped off from my USB Port and now I have to get a new one. I do not have speakers, I use my head set for both sounds coming in and the microphone to talk to others over the internet. Hope I can find a good one.

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