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IBM Computers

If you want the new AS/400 for your company or even personal use then is the place to go. They offer the best quality IBM AS/400, iSeries and i5 for any use you may need. They will also assist with issues ranging from simple device address & cabling problems to complex system tuning & troubleshooting assistance.

You can visit their web site at any time and check out their products. Surf around to find the best fitting machine and order directly from their web site. You won’t find many other places offering to sell you quality as well as assist you with any troubleshooting or any other problems you may have.

Clock Keeps Slowing

My Computer’s clock is having some issues. I haven’t restarted my computer in a few months and I don’t plan to do that any time soon. But anyway the problem is that every day it goes back 2 minutes. No 2 minutes a day but its just 2 minutes slower than the normal time.

I can either manually change it synchronize with the internet but less than 24 hours later it goes back to being 2 minutes slow. Hopefully I can find a solution because I don’t like to have the wrong time all the time. Inefficient.

Custom Blinds

So what is the point of getting custom blinds for your home? Well think about this, if you have an unusually large or even unusually small window in your home, a custom blind will be custom made to fit that window. So instead of having three medium sized blinds, you can have just one that acts as its own.

You can order your own custom blinds at They will help get you your own custom blinds for your home. Whether you need it to match all your furniture and carpet or whether you need the size difference, they will be able to help you. Good luck getting the custom blinds.

Laptop Fixed

At the beginning of my summer break I told you about my lenovo laptop that just messed up out of no where. Touchpad wouldn’t let me do anything and it just got really slow.

But earlier today One of my classes was cancelled and I took the opportunity to take my laptop to the laptop shop at my campus and had it fixed within 30 minutes. I also had an upgrade done which gave me Microsoft Office 2007 so I am happy about that. And Happy that I can use my laptop to the fullest extent again.

Zip Code World

If you always looked for a good Store Locator By ZIP code Then you are in luck because Zip Code World makes it possible for you to find all that you need because now they support 33 countries. Find stores from Austria to the United States all the way to South Africa. If you want less than a 100 listings then they charge you nothing but if you want to go ahead and look for thousands, they offer a reasonable price. Here are a few interesting facts about Zip Code World.

a) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is supporting 1089 companies and total of 30692 unique stores and growing.
b) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is supporting 33 countries worldwide including United States and Canada.
c) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is free for business with less than 100 stores. The only thing we would like in return is to display a banner linking back to our Web site.
d) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is also available in .NET and PHP. Programmers can install it in their local servers.
e) The company also provides comprehensive ZIP code and postal codes resources for United States, Canada and Mexico.

Visit their website at for more information and use their products as you wish. And try out their demo to make sure this is what you need.

September Already?

August has once again flew away. I have already gone through a week of classes and It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I am happy about that. I start my classes at about 1:30 pm everyday but I leave my house before 1 PM so I can get there early.

Hopefully september goes by quickly and same with October and November and let December come because then I can look forward to a good month and a half of break between my two terms.

Happy September.

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