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Happy Halloween

I would like to wish you all a happy halloween today October 31st 2008 from the WZJZ blog otherwise known as the WebZ Junk Zone providing information for you for over a year and a half. Hope you guys have things planned out tonight, I am just looking forward to coming home early from class today.

Happy Halloween people!


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Visit their web site at any time and read their reviews. Read the reviews and look at their scores. See what passes the WHRZ reviews and see if they are fit to pass your needs. If not, then just move onto the next review until you find your perfect host.

Midterm Week

Well I start my Midterm week today. I have about two midterms to do today followed by another one tomorrow and another one on friday. This continues onto next week so I Have a few next week as well. Not that much of a frustration right now because all my good class midterms are this week while the bad ones are next week.

Hopefully I do well and pass with a high grade. I am not used to failing and I won’t fail! I guess you can say that it is against my nature to fail. I can only hope and do my best.

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Columbus Day Today

Today is October 13th, the second monday of October making today Columbus Day. We celebrate it because Christopher Columbus Discovered the Americas. But back then he really believed he discovered the Western part of India, and that’s why the Caribbean is sometimes known as the West Indies.

In South Dakota they call it Native American Day which makes sense as well. And today I get a day off from classes and I am happy for that. Happy Columbus day people!


Charter offers great television, high speed, and telephone service to any one that may need it. They are very well known and I have recommended Charter to many of my friends that are out looking for great high speed internet connections. Charter is now giving people the chance to win a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. Yes that is right, a car! You would have thought they are giving out just free service right? But how about a Full 2009 Civic Hybrid for the coming years. It will help you save on Gas and it will be a brand new car. You will not have to buy a new one for another while and this would be a great gift for your teenager if you already have a car.

Imagine you need television service or even high speed internet connection for your home, so you contact charter and you order. And you just entered yourself in their Win a 2009 Civic Hybrid sweepstakes. And then later on you get a call saying you won a brand new 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. You just got a free car. You just got a great deal on TV or high Speed internet service, and you will keep on saving with the gas prices rising because since this is a hybrid, you will not have to buy as much gas and you will be able to go further. Nothing better than this if you ask me.


Company to be Released

Tomorrow I plan on releasing my web hosting company to the world. This blog may not see a post about it or a link to my new company for a few more weeks. That’s because I want to set up a paypal business account first and be able to accept credit cards.

Once EVERYTHING is set up and perfect and good to go, I will start promoting on my own blogs including WebZ Junk Zone, after all this was my first blog ever. Can’t let the big news get away from here now can I?

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