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If you are a fan of the channel TruTV then you are in for a treat. A few days ago, truTV’s Rehab aired on September 1st at 10 pm Eastern, 9 PM Central on truTV. TruTV is known for providing great reality TV and Rehab is another one. Below I have embedded a video that introduces you to Rehab and gives you a little taste of what you can expect when you tune in on TruTV Every Tuesday at 10PM eastern standard time. Speaking of that, the show is about to start in less than 20 minutes and hopefully this post is published in time for you to go check out Rehab, if you are a fan of parties and Las Vegas then Rehab is the show for you because they are known to be the best and sexiest party in the Vegas Strip.

When you have a great party at a great place, you will always have rivals. I have been to parties that were set up because their neighbors were having a party and vice versa and I can tell you that it gets crazy and I don’t mean the bad kind of crazy, it gets pretty fun. And this is the same with Rehab. They have neighboring hotels trying to compete with their level of fun and since this hotel has gotten new staff, they are trying to learn how to manage things properly and keep things professional. But these are just words, the best thing you could do is watch and see for yourself and you can enter to win a trip to Rehab and join the party. Sign up any time at and have the time of your life.


Messed up template?

Some of you may have noticed that our current template is a little messed up, Some of the images may not work, and some of the text may be jumbly. I am working on fixing the issue and I believe it has something to do with the server’s cache but I still need to do some testing to see why it is happening here and not on any other site of mine.

Hopefully I can get this fixed soon, otherwise I ask you to bear with me while we experience this. I am also working on a new custom template which will hopefully be up soon, and since I am not that great of an artist, it is taking longer than usual.

First Day of Class

Today I started my first day of class and boy am I tired. I got home just a few hours ago even though I left my house at around 8 AM. It is almost midnight now so you can imagine the long day I have had. So far my classes look pretty good although I have to go book shopping tomorrow since I have a ton of homework already, but that’s college life.

I will be in class most of the day time until December, hopefully I ace all my classes (that’s always the aim) and get onto the next term where I will only have 3 terms left until graduation. It is pretty exciting and now if you will excuse me, I will be passing out from the tiredness. Turns 3

A few days ago, my oldest living and most successful website turned 3 years old. We celebrated with about two weeks of free arcade week, and I know I forgot to post it here but it has gotten some great publicity nonetheless.

I don’t look to stop going further with Gamers Forum nor do I look to stop going further with the Webz Junk Zone which is almost three years old itself, I hope to celebrate the third birthday this coming February with perhaps a new custom design of my own.

Happy Birthday Gamers Forum.

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