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Commenting Turned Off

Commenting has been turned off due to the massive amounts of spam we have been getting on the blog. I do apologize for the inconvenience for those that are actually legit visitors that want to comment. I was forced to do this once I found out that out of about 2000 comments posted in the past 60 days, only about 10 were legit of which I have already approved.

600 Total Posts for WebZ Junk Zone

The WebZ Junk Zone has made the last post the number 600 post on the blog. We are nearing our three year anniversary and averaging more than 200 posts a year is not bad at all. Compared to other blogs we are on the high road to having a 1000 posts and most manual blogs don’t have that many posts. Of course those automated ones are bound to have that many posts because they only copy the content over.

But anyway congrats to The domain is nearly 3 years old and I am proud of owning it. We recently got back page rank of 2 which really isn’t as important as it used to be since Google’s algorithm doesn’t make much sense anyway but in any case, PR2, I’ll take it.

Congrats to WZJZ, here’s is to success!


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Popstation. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’ve wanted to be a star, now is your chance because PopStation can make it happen. If you can record a song for yourself and upload it to popstation, you can become the next best singer out there if you are good enough and if you can outperform everyone else out there. If you have the talent for it then there shouldn’t be a problem at all. And Popstation provides you with an Audacity software called Popstation Studio that will allow you to record your own music in your own practice rooms and easily upload it to enter their contest.

So why should you enter? If you always wanted to visit New York City then you would want to enter because every three months they select one number one winner and take you to New York City so you can stay at a “ridiculously hip” hotel as described by Popstation. It is an all expense paid three night vacation, a dream vacation for many people. And the best part is that regular people vote so there aren’t any celebrity judges and panels who expect so much from the stars on stage. You can certainly be the next big deal and you can visit for more information on everything.

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Left 4 Dead 2

Last Tuesday, Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 came out and I can say it was a big success. It keeps a similar story as the original and this one takes place around the same time period but at a different geographic location in the United States. It contains three new special infecteds. This game is great, I got it the day after it came out and I must say that I greatly enjoy the game.

The game also introduces two other types of games known as realism and Scavenge. I haven’t tried out realism yet but I assume it adds much more realism to campaign modes. Scavenge is one of the fun modes of gaming for L4D2 and it has to be one of my favorites right after Versus games.

I’ve only played a few hours and I enjoy it. If you like zombie shooters, I would highly recommend Left 4 Dead 2 to you. Get it as soon as you can!

Charter’s Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter Communication. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve recommended Charter to you and all of my other visitors when it comes to getting great quality internet, television, and phone service. They are one of the world’s best in these services and so many people prefer them because of the many sweepstakes they hold. Right now you can even be a part of the Charter’s Daily Deal Web Site where you can get many great deals. For example, today’s deal can help you get up to a $200 gift card of your choice from dozens of stores if you order all three of their services, and all three services of cable TV, high speed internet, and high quality phone service costs just $69.97 per month so you’re actually saving a LOT of money and actually will be receiving nearly three times that amount in gift cards so that you can shop elsewhere for other pleasures.

You can now become a fan of Charter on Facebook. You will be surprised how many prizes they have. After this coming cyber monday they will go on a 38 days of special event where you will see 38 days full of specials and great savings. No better place to get tv, internet, or phone than Charter.

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Thanksgiving Break

Today many kids start their Thanksgiving Break as I have started. It is one of the breaks I look forward to every year because I get about 5 full days of vacation time without any worries of having to do papers or homework. Although I do have papers and homework to do, the holiday makes it seem like they aren’t there or that I can do it easily later on which I usually do.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Break and hopefully you guys have a big turkey tomorrow! There is always something to be thankful for.

Stag Do

A Stag Do is generally an event before marriage. This is where you can do anything you want before you go enter Holy Matrimony. And a stag do can mean lots of fun especially if you can get away for a while with your buddies and enjoy. But organizing a Stag Do isn’t always easy and it can be very time consuming. That is why professionals such as Go Bananas is here to help you organize your own stag do, stag weekend, or whatever you may want to call it.

Visit their site at and see if they can make your last minute dreams come true. They have expanded to other nations such as the United States, Canada, India and Italy. If you need professionals for a stag do, Go Bananas is the place to look.

Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory, also known as RAM, has to be one of the most important part of any computer or server. Without RAM Memory your computer would not be able to turn on. This is the part of the computer that gets all the temporary data from your hard drive and runs it. The more you have the better it is because the more you can do.

Most computers nowadays come with about 1 Gigabyte of RAM which is enough but did you know 32bit Operating systems can recognize up to 4GB ram? With new programs and softwares coming out, the more ram you have the better. Make sure you keep up with the rest of the computer world and get a ram upgrade today. This is one of the most important part inside your computer, don’t neglect it.

Juna Web’s Black Friday Specials

I wanted to tell you about Juna Web’s Black Friday Deals. By Now you should know about my web hosting company known as Juna Web located at For a limited time until November 29, you can use the coupon “Black Friday” during checkout and save 20% off Any order.

With any master shared package OR any starter and advanced reseller packages, we will also provide ONE free dedicated IP. With any Developed and Enterprise reseller packages, we will provide you with TWO free dedicated IPs. If you have any questions, contact us at for more info.

Hope to see you take advantage!

Learning About Auto Insurance

If you have never had a car before that means you have never had any kind of auto insurance. I mean, what are you going to do with auto insurance without an auto mobile? If you just got your first car as I did not too long ago, you should have a lot of auto insurance questions just as I did. It is very normal to ask questions about the policy you HAVE to get or to ask questions about why you need insurance at all.

Just as I mentioned before, the internet makes it very easy for everyone to learn more about anything they want, which includes learning about auto insurance. You could also ask your local insurance person for help Or you can search online and get all the answers you need in the comfort of your home. Don’t go another day with an automobile with auto insurance.

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