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900th Post

This is officially the 900th post of the WebZ Junk Zone. It has been a while and some can say a bit overdue but it’s finally here. Just a 100 more published posts to a 1000. I can’t promise it will be here soon but I can promise that it will get here!

Post 800!

This is the official 800th post of the blog and I am proud to say that it’s being made. Not many other blogs have 800 total posts manually written. I’m glad that it came and hopefully our 900th post and then our 1000th landmark post won’t be too far away. I’m still counting down and I can almost smell it!

777th Post

This is officially the 777th post of the WebZ Junk Zone Blog. This blog is more than 3 years old and I believe compared to other blogs, we are on a great pace. Most other blogs with this many posts are either automated blogs or have many authors and contributors.

The next big mark is 800 which is only 23 posts away so it shouldn’t be too hard. But hopefully, this blog will get to a 1000 soon which will be a big landmark for any of my blogs. Congrats to the WZJZ blog, here is to another year of blogging!

Commenting Turned Off

Commenting has been turned off due to the massive amounts of spam we have been getting on the blog. I do apologize for the inconvenience for those that are actually legit visitors that want to comment. I was forced to do this once I found out that out of about 2000 comments posted in the past 60 days, only about 10 were legit of which I have already approved.

600 Total Posts for WebZ Junk Zone

The WebZ Junk Zone has made the last post the number 600 post on the blog. We are nearing our three year anniversary and averaging more than 200 posts a year is not bad at all. Compared to other blogs we are on the high road to having a 1000 posts and most manual blogs don’t have that many posts. Of course those automated ones are bound to have that many posts because they only copy the content over.

But anyway congrats to The domain is nearly 3 years old and I am proud of owning it. We recently got back page rank of 2 which really isn’t as important as it used to be since Google’s algorithm doesn’t make much sense anyway but in any case, PR2, I’ll take it.

Congrats to WZJZ, here’s is to success!

Another Server move?

I currently have Placed on a private server however we are growing very quickly and the traffic level is making our overall RAM usage very high so I am considering moving to a better server soon.

Fortunately, I have experience on how to move these sites quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime. Hopefully I can find a good server by Christmas time and move all of my sites out soon. It does get annoying when things slow down when there is a spike in traffic. I will try to post more info as iI get them.

Messed up template?

Some of you may have noticed that our current template is a little messed up, Some of the images may not work, and some of the text may be jumbly. I am working on fixing the issue and I believe it has something to do with the server’s cache but I still need to do some testing to see why it is happening here and not on any other site of mine.

Hopefully I can get this fixed soon, otherwise I ask you to bear with me while we experience this. I am also working on a new custom template which will hopefully be up soon, and since I am not that great of an artist, it is taking longer than usual.

Post 555

I can’t believe it but after a while we have reached post 555. If you don’t know, usually at the end of most of my usernames used on other forums and web sites, I put a 555 there. I don’t know what it is about the triple 5 but I just got used to it there and have had it for well over a decade now.

And also this blog reaching 555 posts is a huge milestone. I am happy to have finally got it there. Hopefully post 600 won’t be too far off, only 45 posts to go. Wish me luck!

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I have been looking at around a 1000 Comments a day and moderating them, it is a lot of work especially when you can’t tell if its spam or if it is real. But right now there is about 13,000 Comments. I haven’t looked at them since Sunday because I’ve been busy and on Sunday, there was only 5,000 comments unread.

It is spectacular to how many comments I’ve been getting. I will most likely look at a lot of these comments tonight and see what I can do with them. And in the meantime I will take a screenshot of it and post it up later because it is a remarkable number and we achieved it in just a few days.

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