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First Proxy Lives On

My first ever proxy was set to expire in a few days and I had started the Transfer process to another registrar from the current one over a week ago. It finally was finalized!! I am happy that it finally happened otherwise I would have had to cancel the domain transfer the last day and pay extra to renew it.

Transferring out of Moniker

I had nearly four domains with Moniker. For those of you who do not know who or what Moniker is, they are an ICANN accredited Domain registrar and they are pretty well known all over the internet. Moniker was one of my favorite places to register .net domains but just a few months ago, moniker has increased their prices to nearly double.

When to Transfer Domains

People often ask the question “when should I transfer my domain?” And that usually regards to transferring to another domain registrar to renew and just leave the old one. Some people think its good to do it the day before it expires and that is a very, very bad idea. Some registrars won’t let you do it if it’s less than 5 days to expiration.

The Shorter the Better?

People often likes to think that the shorter a domain is the better it is and I am here to say that the saying is not always true. Of course WZJZ is pretty short and you only have to remember 3 letters and one letter you have to remember twice. But imagine a domain like – that domain is fairly easy to remember and contains 3 times more letters so.


Hello fellow blog readers. This is to notify you of a sale that I am trying to conduct at the moment. I have a Three character domain which is pretty valuable for a few reasons. Well first is first, the domain is As you can see the two letters in there already are very brandable as they are two premium letters. The number 9 also looks like a “g” so that’s another plus on there. And last but not least, the domain already has a value of PR1 so some of the work is already done for you.

The domain is registered on namecheap and it expires in Early April of 2008 so act fast before it is gone. The domain has significant value and all offers will be considered. If you are interested please post a comment here or email me at admin (@) and leave a message. The domain comes with a whoisguard and I will add that with the domain for free.

Hope to get some offers!

Namecheap Coupon for October

Well I was surfing all over the place today trying to look for a new Coupon that works for October on the Namecheap registrar. As you may already know, NameCheap is my favorite Domain registrar out there followed by GoDaddy. Today I found a pretty good domain that I wanted to register and thankfully Namecheap always has a working coupon available.

The following coupon lets you save about $0.89 and trust me later on, that adds and you can buy another domain from all your savings. And of course they give a free WhoisGuard with it so thats another savings of a few more bucks. I’ll get to the chase and list the coupon. The coupon is “ROCKTOBER” without the quotation marks. This works with .com, .net, and .org new registrations and not proven with renewals. And it is said to expire on October 15th or the 30th. I don’t know the exact date but if there are any changes, I will post about it.

Domain Extension Doesn’t Matter

I have been seeing on more than a few forums where people ask which top level domain extension is the best. Everyone thinks that .com domain names are the best for setting up a site and selling later on. I am here to tell you that it’s not true. .com Domains are only preferred by most people but doesn’t necessarily have any affect on the site or domain or either of their values.

If you have the will and inspiration and the time to put into your website, you can turn any domain with any extension in the best of its type. I have a lot of domains and less than 50% of them are .com domains. I have more .net and .org domains than .com and I am managing all of them well enough. So stop asking which is the best domain extension, because it’s not the domain but the domain holder that matters.

Four Character Domains

As you may know, all three character .com and .net domains are all gone. Meaning, one person or another has registered them and there is no way to get your hands on it from any registrar. You have to find the owner and buy it off him and trust me, it’s not as cheap. Three character .org domains are still available but very few and one of those characters have numbers in them which arent very valuable.

Well four character domains are also getting registered like crazy these days and see if you can get your hands on any of them. In my lifetime, I’ve held about 4 four letter domains and another 4 character domain, it had 3 letters and 1 number in it. As you can see, this blog is one of my 4 letter domains and it is actually the only one I still have left. So don’t stand there and watch all those domains get registered, you can get them now and sell them for a profit later on when all four character domains are gone.


1&1 is a very big company that deals with web hosting and domain registration. I have used them to register about two domains in the past 2 months and so far so good. No bad experience with them and they are pretty cheap. Cheaper than most other registrars out there. But they also have some downsides compared to others.

1&1 gives out most domain extensions for as low as $5.99. That is a much cheaper price even compared to NameCheap, my favorite registrar. They also give out a free whoisguard which is excellent because so far, NameCheap is the only other registrar that does that for free for purchasing one domain. GoDaddy gives you a free whoisguard if you register 5 domains or more.

1&1 domain transfer fees is something I don’t like. Transferring your domain to another 1&1 account costs at least $5.99 per domain and more for other newer extensions. I think that it’s not right to charge for transfers. But otherwise, 1&1 is a very reputable and good company. If you want to save, try them out and see what happens.

Free Domain Name

Get a free domain name provided to you buy Gamers Forum for posting in their forums. Already very active so it should not be hard for new members to come in and reach the amount of posts required. Check the following thread on the forum for more information, you do not want to miss this opportunity, trust me.

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