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Sporting Tickets

I have mentioned Ticket America plenty of times and it goes without saying, they provide some of the best tickets around in terms of quality of service and pricing. Whether you need eastern illinois panthers tickets, eastern kentucky colonels tickets, or eastern washington eagles tickets, Ticket America can get you what you need at the prices you are looking for. Don’t go another day without seeing your favorite sports team in action for yourself.

Concert Tickets

If you are looking for natalie merchant tickets or my morning jacket tickets or even neil young tickets, then there is no better place to go than Ticket America has been providing affordable tickets to concerts for years and after having satisfied thousands of customers over the years, they are ready to provide you with the concert deal of a lifetime.

Oxymoron Entertainment

So what is Oxymoron Entertainment? Oxymoron Entertainment is a production company which has brought you a lot of entertainment over the years. They recently released the movie “Columbus Circle” which has received great reviews from both critics and viewers like you and me. Oxymoron Entertainment’s started with the movie “Middle Men” a few years ago starring Luke Wilson which is still one of the top movies I recommend to people. Oxymoron Entertainment is a company with a lot of potential. They will keep releasing new movies in the future and they will become very well known. This up and coming company needs to be recognized for the works they have created and the works they will create in the future.

Oxymoron Entertainment

Oxymoron Entertainment is a company launched in 2006 by film producer Christopher Mallick. Best well known for the movie Middle Men starring Luke Wilson back in 2009. Oxymoron Entertainment has created several other films but by far, that is my favorite for the humor and pure entertainment that it provides, and it is all thanks to Oxymoron Entertainment. You can read more about Oxymoron Entertainment on their profile or by visiting and see what else they have released over the years and what they may be coming out with in the near future. I know I will be looking out for their new movies after having watched Middle Men.

Christopher Mallick

Christopher Mallick is a Texas Born Film producer most well known for his feature film, Middle Men. He is the founder and owner of Oxymoron Entertainment, a production company he launched in 2006. With this company, Christopher Mallick is producing new and more innovative films in the world. Christopher Mallick is a growing force in Hollywood and soon, I have a feeling that his name will be appearing in many of the movies that we will be watching in theaters and on TV. You can read more about this great producer at or by clicking the link previously posted in this blog post. He is an interesting man worth reading about.

Your Favorite NHL Tickets

Whether you are looking for toronto maple leafs tickets, calgary flames tickets, or st. louis blues hockey tickets, Ticket America is the place to get it. They have the best seats for the best fans (you) at the best prices. Many other services try to compete with Ticket America but most of them can’t match the NHL ticket prices and service that Ticket America provides. So if you’re game for a game of Hockey, then let Ticket America take you there.

Music Tickets

If you are looking for journey seats or lady antebellum tickets or even neil young concert tickets then head on over to They have the best priced tickets available for your favorite concerts so that you can go and enjoy your favorite artists and/or bands. Ticket America makes it easy for you so that you won’t have to stress yourself later.

Have fun at the concert!

College Football Tickets

If you’re looking for a good place to get great ohio state buckeyes football tickets or penn state nittany lions football tickets, or even purdue boilermakers football tickets, then there is no better place than Ticket America. makes it easy for you to get the best seats for your favorite college football teams. They have everything you need at affordable prices and with some of the best service available.

The Guitar Player

The new movie titled The Guitar Player is releasing in 2012. It’s a feature film that was created with a budget of just a $150,000. That’s unheard of in feature film history. This movie is also doing a very good deed by giving a portion of the film’s profits to the homeless to make this world a better place. Visit for more information about the movie, what they are doing to help, and how you can join in by donating and pledging to do your part.

12 mens tournament

If you’re looking for tickets to the mens acc basketball tournament, big 12 mens basketball tournament, or pac 10 mens basketball tournament, then you need to visit Ticket America at They have the best seats in the house and you can get your tickets to the biggest events without ever leaving the comfort of your own home until the time and date of the event. Ticket America makes it easy for you to get the tickets to your favorite and most anticipated events.

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