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60,000 Posts on GF

Earlier this morning my forum called Gamers Forum hit its 60,000th post and now we are well past that point. It is another landmark hit because we reached 10,000 extra posts in just over a month and a half and that pace is very quick compared to where we were last year.

We are aiming for 75,000 posts now because that is 3/4 of the way to the real goal which is 100,000 which is a HUGE landmark for any forum out there and I want to hit that by the end of the year. We have just over eight months to make at least 40,000 posts otherwise I’ll be very, very, very disappointed.

So come by and help is grow.

Gamers Forum – New Milestones

As you may be aware of my gaming forum titled Gamers Forum, I have more and great exciting news about that forum. It has been up for just over one year and one month and we look no where to stopping. We have come very far and today we have reached new milestones and have broken a few records.

Well at first, we have had 11 new registered members in a period of 24 hours, beats the all time high of just 7. That’s just the beginning. We also reached a total of 2,000 topics opened and just a few hours later we reached 20,000 total posts made by all members. We are almost at 500 members and need just over a dozen more. So help us out and join the great gaming conversations because if you love games like Halo, Counter Strike, PGR, GTA, and more, this is the place to come discuss them.

Also check out the Forum Arcade with tournaments to come soon. So the best way to practice is to come, join the forum, make some posts to get access to the arcade, and practice. Good luck to all of you and thank you all that have already joined the forum and helped it grow this far.

Java Forums

Some may ask what is Java? Why do we need Java? If you have ever played an online arcade or any computer game, you would not be able to do without the java software or Java Libraries. When you are chatting with your best friend on the internet or when you are in an online chatroom, guess what you are connecting through. Yes, its Java. Java is everywhere and without it most fun things you do online will just be a waste of time and of no use.

Java Forums is a free online community where java experts as well as people just getting into the coding of Java are meeting to share ideas, receive and give help. This growing community of hundreds will become a community of thousands as the java world expands and becomes more popular. Java is something that we need for our computers to have actual fun. Watch movies and playing games and chatting with friends are major effects of java applications. Java Databases or JDBC is something that confuses many and they usually have certain questions. Java forums will ease you up because here you can request help with anything and everything Java related and expect a response very soon.

Free Hosting

Do you need hosting? Look no further because P4H is one of the best Free Post 4 Hosting sites out there. They offer two free packages with a paid package as well for those that need extra features. They have been online offering free and paid hosting for over 1 and a half years. They have 99.9% uptime all the time. No forced ads on the free packages, you just have to post in their forum and get P4H points and request free hosting there with their own subdomain or set up your own. They just require 20 posts a month for their free hosting packages. Get up to 100 megabytes of free space with 2 gigabytes of free bandwidth. With many extra features. Check out their packages here.

I am a current user of their service and I could not be happier. This is a personal recommendation to user their service if you need a host but dont have the money to pay for it.

Visit them today at and check out their forums at and start posting today.

Enjoy them!

Free Domain Name

Get a free domain name provided to you buy Gamers Forum for posting in their forums. Already very active so it should not be hard for new members to come in and reach the amount of posts required. Check the following thread on the forum for more information, you do not want to miss this opportunity, trust me.

Best General Directory Forum

Best General Directory Forum is the latest forum to talk about your directory. This directory community will help you learn many things about how to make your directory better, such as how to monetize, graphics, and where to get your customers. There is a whole board dedicated to directory discussions where you can talk about anything directory related as well as get help. Learn how you can put SEO to use for your directory. For all those directory owners, there is room here for you to announce your directory. So visit them at and join the best general directory forum.

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