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Pepe Fanjul Jr.

Pepe Fanjul Jr. is one of the most interest men on this planet. As part of the Fanjul Brothers, Pepe Fanjul Jr. and his brothers have made a big mark on the world. They are part of a huge Sugar and Real estate conglomerate and around my area, Pepe Fanjul Jr. is most well known for the Sugar Company subsidiary known as Domino Sugar. The products are great and the people behind them have made their name on this planet. If you are looking for an interesting man to look up then there is no better person than Pepe Fanjul Jr..

Pesty Termites

Termites are pests that no one wants. So why would you ever want them in your home or place of business? You don’t. If you live in Phoenix, then a simple search for Termite Control Phoenix will land you on a web site called They specialize in getting rid of termites and if you have a termite issue there is no better Pest Control Phoenix company than this one. There are other Arizona Pest Control companies out there but none that can provide you with the quality of support and quickness of work as these guys. So if your home or business is infested with termites, make sure you get the right people to take care of it. If you need to contact them, use the information below and see if they are the company you are looking for. Won’t hurt to give them a call:

Scottsdale, AZ
Arizona Termite Control
3309 N. 70th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251 USA
(480) 302-9591

Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #305
Phoenix , Arizona , 85014 USA
(602) 635-9166

Website reveals underside of senior care home

As the US population ages, more and more seniors are seeking assisted living. Financial scams against older people are on the rise. A study by the Metlife Mature Market Institute showed that $2.9 billion was lost to swindlers by people over the age of 65 in 2010. This amount had increased by 12 percent over 2008.
Many seniors are resorting to background checks on the owners and operators of elderly care homes such as Calvine Elderly Care Home. A care home may look nice, but have an underlying history of financial or legal trouble. A new website exposes one such example.
/*/ lists more than 15 legal problems with John Nita?, Elena Nita?, and the Calvine Elderly Care Home they operate. Legal troubles including unpaid bills, labor violations, and the lack of basic business insurance or bond to protect care home guests. An anonymous person who had an “unsatisfactory financial transaction with the couple”, created the website that shows what basic background information may reveal about a seniors care home.

Elderly Home Care Scams

There are plenty of people out there looking to scam innocent people. One example is Calvine Elderly Care Home. This care home run by John Nita and Elena Nita has been exposed at They have gotten into so much trouble but the sad thing is that most people still don’t know about them. If you are looking to place yourself in a home, make sure you do the research and make sure you don’t go to Calvine Elderly Care Home.

Wedding Photography

If you are looking for good Wedding Photographers then make sure you read what Iridescent Photography has to offer. They provide long lists of wedding photographers all over California so whether you are in San Diego or Los Angeles or even Long Beach, Iridescent Photography is the place to go. You can visit their web site at and see what they have to offer. If you are having a wedding in the near future, make sure that the essence of your wedding is captured in photography by a real and intelligent human being, don’t let bad photographers ruin your day, take charge of your own special moments.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos aren’t meant to be forever. In the past if you wanted to remove your tattoos, it was nearly impossible, but now thanks to modern technology, tattoo removal is as easy as ever. If you are in Australia and would like to have that tattoo removed because you changed your mind or just don’t want it anymore then visit for more information.

Round Acrylic Beads

If you are looking for good Round Acrylic Beads, then the best place to look is Pandahall. Their round acrylic beads come in all colors and sizes and unlike many other places, their prices are cheap and affordable. I posted an example of beads that you can find at Pandahall. You can visit their web site at and look up the round acrylic beads that they have to offer. You can order online and have your beads delivered to you as you spend your time at home or at work. They take the hard work out of ordering beads, so take advantage!

Craft Beads

Sleeping Masks

Many people have a hard time getting to sleep if there is any light in the room and most find that sleeping masks really help to correct this problem. Sleeping masks block out excessive light and are great for people that work shifts or travel.

Travelers often have a hard time adjusting to the changes in time zone and may need to sleep during the day when they first arrive at their destination. People that work shifts also need to get their eight hours of sleep during the daylight hours. For people that get bothered by light when they sleep, a sleeping mask is the perfect answer.

College students have irregular schedules and during exam times their sleeping patterns go completely off schedule. Staying up all night to study for an exam is not uncommon but the student must then make up for his lack of sleep the next day. By wearing sleeping masks, students can block out the light in their dorms and grab some sleep before studying for the next exam.

If you’re the type of person that likes to take a nap during the day, you’ll probably find that you get a better sleep when wearing one of these masks. Power naps have become very popular and you need to fall asleep quickly to get the most out of them. By donning a sleep mask during the day for your power naps you’ll find that you feel more rested afterwards and have more energy to face the rest of the day.

Sleeping masks may be made of various materials including foam, satin, silk, cotton or cloth. They are also available in different patterns, colors and styles. With all of the variety offered, anyone can find the perfect sleeping mask to get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep when it’s most needed.

Phoenix Bankruptcy

If you are looking for a good Phoenix Bankruptcy lawyer then look no further than They have expert lawyers who are familiar with the laws in the area and will be able to inform you of everything you need to know for Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona. They also provide Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney if it ever comes to that. For reference, I have posted their contact information below so you can contact them, do your own research, and see if they are the right attorney for you. Of course, contacting them and getting information is always free so why not give that a go and see how it goes? You may be surprised by how much help you can really get.

Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer?
1 East Camelback Ste 550
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 648-3274

Phoenix Termites

If you are looking for a good Termite Control Phoenix company then is the place to go. A search on any search engine for Termites Phoenix will land you to this company’s website because they are the best around. They have helped many people get rid of their termites and other pest problems and now if you need it, they are here to help you get rid of the pesky pests. This Arizona Termites has great reviews and if you need your termite problem taken care of, look no further than this post. Here is their contact info so you can give them a check and see if they are good enough for you:

Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #309.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 635-9166

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