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Project Management

If you’re looking for a agile software development, then the pivotal tracker by Camel Punch is the tool to get. They use this tracker to keep communication between clients and developers as simple as possible. It also helps keep everything organized and clean to avoid chaos. And best of all, it helps organize time to show just how successful they are with this.

The Pivotal tracker just makes it easy for all parties. There are softwares by other companies who promise you one thing or another but end up disappointing. The Pivotal Tracker by Camel Punch is by far one of the best I have seen.


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the past few years, Boost Mobile has made a name for itself especially with their $50 unlimited everything plans. I know plenty of people who use boost and are very happy with their service. So along with the cheap price and the great quality of service they get, it’s no wonder why Boost is going to the sky in terms of success and customer loyalty. Now they have introduced a new thing called Re-Boost where you can add funds to your account for future bill just in case you won’t be around to get the bill to pay it in the future. Other phone companies don’t provide this service and if you miss out on your payment, you will either lose service or pay a late fee but with the Re-boost plan with Boost Mobile, you don’t have to worry about that.

With Re-Boost, you can also add funds to other people’s accounts as a gift. If someone would pay my phone bill for me, it would be a great gift, better than a gift card actually. And they have great phones such as the all new Blackberry. And with the Boost Mobile easy payment option, you won’t have to worry about late fees or having service disruptions due to billing. Boost makes it easy for you.

Visit my sponsor: Reboost


If you are looking for a good tv sale right now then I recommend Dixons. They have some of the best tv deals around. For example, you can get a Panasonic Vera 32 inch screen for just £499.00 on They also have the PC WORLD supplied 15.6 inch HD Ready LCD TV for just £99.99 if you are looking to have entertainment and save money at the same time. And if you like to get a really big screen TV then the LG infinia FULL HD Plasma TV which comes with a whopping 60 inch screen, that’s five feet of entertainment heaven, for just £1,599.00 at Dixons.

There are electronic stores around here that sell TVs but I have to tell you that none of them are as great as the ones Dixons provide in terms of price. After a day of hard work, you deserve to sit on your bed or couch and watch a little television and just enjoy life. So if you have to enjoy life by watching TV, shouldn’t you get a TV worth watching and that’s enjoyable? You should and that’s why You should visit and get the TV you’ve always wanted. Enjoy!

Sat Navs

Satellite Navigation systems made work a whole lot easier. Having a sat nav while driving can help you focus more on the road than the signs on the road because you could listen to your navigator while driving instead of looking for street signs which can get distracting, and I know that from experience. Personally I own a tomtom gps and it works wonders for me. I am not that great when it comes to directions outside of New York City and my Tom Tom helps me navigate through other cities and states easily.

If you are looking for a good Satellite Navigation system then I recommend you check out what Dixons has to offer. They offer great deals and they will allow you to purchase the best GPS navigation systems at the best deals possible. Visit their website at today and see what GPS navigation system is right for you. They have all the major brands such as Tom Tom, Garmin, and Navman as well as others. You can actually get a Garmin Nuvi for as low as £98.95 and you could be on your way to navigating through the streets as if you were born an expert.


Hawaii is a beautiful state. Right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it makes for a great place to vacation. If you are going to vacation there then you may want to make sure you have a good camera with you. Otherwise you can get good deals on Hawaii Camera from They are the best place in Hawaii to get your camera equipment because they have professional grade products. Including their Maui Camera place. Whether you need the camera for above ground photos or under water photos, they have exactly what you need.


If you are looking for a great Internet Safety Software then you need to look at Spector Pro offered by SpectorSoft. This software allows you to monitor the activities of anyone using the computer so you know that they are being safe. You can also keep track of emails, chats, key strokes, as well as the websites they visit to make sure you can guide them to doing the right thing so they are not victimized.

Visit their website at today and look at their SpectorPro software. It’s compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP so if you have windows running, you know you can have Spector Pro running.


If you need a new headset then you should think about getting a plantronics headsets. They are top of the line headsets and everyone knows plantronics is one of the best manufacturers of headsets. I’ve had one a while ago and I must say that it was great, lasted a very long time. You can visit and get yourself a good plantronics headset at a cheap price and get the great quality you deserve.

40 Inch TV

Having a 40 Inch TV in your home can mean a great deal. More than 3 feet in size, it allows more people in your home to enjoy the programs and shows you like from farther away. I always say, the bigger the better, especially when it comes to televisions.

You can visit and compare prices of different 40 inch television providers. Get the best deal possible and and enjoy the luxury of a huge screen television better than you have before.

Nazmus Computers

A few weeks ago, I launched my new computer building company known as Nazmus Computers. You can find the site at or by clicking the link on the right side bar. I am open for business for anyone in the United States, however I prefer to stay inside New York City since I can offer free personalized shipping.

If you are in need of a new computer or need some upgrades, feel free to contact me any time through the site or by emailing and I will be happy to look at your case.

Here is to a new company!

Charter’s Black Friday Deal

Charter is giving out enormous amounts of savings with their great services. Their black friday is definitely going well. And with your purchase of the Charter High-Speed Internet, Charter Digital Home and Charter Telephone, you will be entered into willing one out of forty five X-Box 360 video game consoles. I am a big gamer as you may know from Gamers Forum and what I have done with it, so Charter is really pulling me towards their services because I think I have a chance of getting the x-box 360 since I have forty five chances of winning.

You will also get gift cards. For example if you buy one charter service you will get a $25 gift card. Buy two Charter services and end up getting a $50 gift card, or you can buy all three services and get a $150 gift card. And if you want Charter’s Ultimate Bundle and get a $250 gift card. Charter’s High Speed internet has some crazy speeds. Their TV Bundles has some great channels including HBO and Cinemax. And their phone line gives you unlimited calling. Triple Win right there if you ask me. Visit their web site at for more information and remember to check out what will work for you.


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