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Rsync Backup

Recently I’ve moved my business server’s backups from FTP to Rsync backups which seem to be far more efficient. Unlike FTP which zips up every account individually then transfers them, rsync simply streams the files over and only updates what has changed. We were able to move our backup periods from weekly to daily just like that.

I am not sure why I didn’t try rsync in the past, it seems to be great. I may be using this for our new VPS plans as well, but that’s still a work in progress for us. This is just another step to keep all of our client’s accounts safe and secure. I’d definitely recommend you move to Rsync backups as well.

Hosted Exchange

If you are looking for a Micorsoft Exchange hosting provider then you should look at Robson Communications Inc. They are professional when it comes to using Microsoft Exchange for your company’s email system. You can read their Robson FAQ to have your frequently asked questions answered. If you are looking for a reliable email software then Microsoft Exchange is the best.

Visit them at for more info. They provide a 30 day money back guarantee along with a free 14-day trial. If you don’t like it, you are not obligated to stay past the 14th day. They have the basic, light, and business packages for you to choose from. Can’t get any easier than this.

Follow Juna Web on Twitter

I’ve already told you about my company called Juna Web. Well out of pressure by a few friends, I decided to make a twitter account and see how things go. You can follow us through the following link:

We already have a few followers. We would obviously love more. We will post news including server updates as well as promotional offerings through twitter. We will see if there is anything else that we can do in the future, and we will try to let you know here as well as twitter. We hope to see some of you there!

vBulletin 4.0

Earlier this week, vBulletin released news about their vB 4.0 software. You can now preorder it directly through their website. It is supposed to be the best forum software out there and as a vBulletin user myself, both admin and user side, I can’t wait for it to come out.

The upgrade is free if you still have a license but a new license will cost a $195. Hopefully the renewal won’t be too much. They are also supposed to change up the pricing as well so I can’t wait to see what they are doing there. Can’t wait for the release of vb 4.0. It should be great. Turns 3

A few days ago, my oldest living and most successful website turned 3 years old. We celebrated with about two weeks of free arcade week, and I know I forgot to post it here but it has gotten some great publicity nonetheless.

I don’t look to stop going further with Gamers Forum nor do I look to stop going further with the Webz Junk Zone which is almost three years old itself, I hope to celebrate the third birthday this coming February with perhaps a new custom design of my own.

Happy Birthday Gamers Forum.


If you need web analysis services for your web site then you can go to any time. They offer a free web tracking application that tracks site traffic and visitor behavior and it will let you know exactly how you are doing with your web site and what you may need to improve on.

Visit their web site any time at for more information. You will have the power to now see how your visitors react to content on your site and what you can do to improve it all.


As a test I wanted to see how high the comment count on this blog will go. Right now it is at 20,375 comments right now and I have seen many of them and just left the spam on there and approved all the valid ones. It has been like that for over 2 months now and imagine getting 10,000+ Spam comments per month.

It is crazy I know but I want to see if I can hit a 100,000 spam comments by the end of the year. It is a weird goal but it I find it a bit amusing. And by then I will post a screenshot of that here. It is funny and amazing why people take the time to just waste time.

Where Were We?

Over the past 10 days I was not able to access this blog past the posts. I tried logging in but it did not work. If you registered, you probably got the same message telling you the database is outdated and to upgrade. Well since my last post and now, the database has given me a HUGE headache that I am finally happy to have fixed.

Every time I tried to upgrade the blog gave me some sort of error. Either the functions were not proper or the database was just too aggressive. But I finally fixed it after moving the database into my computer and doing it all manually.

We are currently on WordPress version 2.5. Our older version was 2.0 I believe which is over a year old. I am glad that this has all been taken care of and Hopefully won’t have to go through this again. Was a real headache I say.

WebZ Junk Zone is back in Business!

New Blog Coming Up

Over the next day and hopefully by tomorrow night, my newest blog will be ready to release. This will be the 7th blog that will be live and active online. This is lucky number 7 and hopefully it becomes big. The name is Duersata and you will not get a link to it for a little while. Not until I am done coding at least.

Setting up Second Proxy

A few days ago I mentioned my first proxy living on because I’ve renewed the domain and now I am here to tell you that I’ll be working on releasing my second ever Proxy. The name is bare proxy, it isn’t ready for public release yet. I am still working on editing the files to my needs.

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