High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet is also known as a broadband connection. This usually means a digital cable connection, or a DSL Connected. These days a regular DSL connection has speeds of about 864 kilobytes per second. Which is extremely fast compared to Dial-Up which has a speed of just 56 kilobytes by sercond. But companies like Road Runner, Optimum Online, and Comcast Digital Voice offers you something that is out of the ordinary. Their cable connection is unlike any dial-up or DSL connections and you will be happy with your order.

Usually cable connection from Comcast and the other companies have speeds from 15 megabytes per second to about 30 megabytes per second. Each megabyte is equivilant to 1,024 kilobytes per second so do the math and just figure out how much faster it really is. Comcast offers high speed internet along with digital phone which offers crystal clear phone conversations. You use your broadband connection from comcast to connect your phone and talk through that. It is easy and it is very simple.

I now have DSL and to me it’s not as fast as Cable connection. I did plan to move to comcast some day but unfortunately, they are not offering service to my area yet so I have a wait. But if they offer service to you and you need a fast internet connection, skip Dial-up, skip DSL, and go straight to cable and it’s extreme speeds.

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