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Some may ask what is Java? Why do we need Java? If you have ever played an online arcade or any computer game, you would not be able to do without the java software or Java Libraries. When you are chatting with your best friend on the internet or when you are in an online chatroom, guess what you are connecting through. Yes, its Java. Java is everywhere and without it most fun things you do online will just be a waste of time and of no use.

Java Forums is a free online community where java experts as well as people just getting into the coding of Java are meeting to share ideas, receive and give help. This growing community of hundreds will become a community of thousands as the java world expands and becomes more popular. Java is something that we need for our computers to have actual fun. Watch movies and playing games and chatting with friends are major effects of java applications. Java Databases or JDBC is something that confuses many and they usually have certain questions. Java forums will ease you up because here you can request help with anything and everything Java related and expect a response very soon.

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