Arcade 29

Today I will tell you about my newest website out and it is my first arcade ever. It is known as Arcade 29 and you can visit it at It was launched the middle of this week about a day before this post here. It now has a total of 150 playable arcade games and one of my favorites is the 3D worm. It is the remade version of the famous snake game it is pretty challenging and pretty fun.

I am working on getting a few thousand games, yes you read right, a few thousand games for you all to play. It has gotten over 300 plays the first day of launch and to save some of your high scores, you will have to register, but you do not have to register to play the games. The arcade look is being worked on at the moment. As you can see there aren’t many themes for this arcade script and the current theme doesn’t really go well with those colors. But it’s no worries, in a few days or even a few weeks, it should have a new look along with a great feeling and gameplays on the forum. Visit Arcade 29 today and play some games for yourself. It’s in your hands now.

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