I finally got my Internet

Many have known about my problem the past 2 months, especially if you were on my forum, the problem about my internet connection. I haven’t had any connection for the past 2 months. I recently moved this past summer and I had to cancel my old verizon online dsl connection so I can have it transferred to my new connection. But they have given me a lot of trouble. My first ready date was on September 10th, about a month after I have moved into my house. It’s pretty bad in the beginning. Then comes September 10th and no internet. I gave them another day and No internet. Then I call them and they say they are having techincal difficulties and to give them 48 hours. Then guess what? Still no internet.

Well the whole month of September flew by with hassle from verizon then on the 29th I decided to cancel their service and go with Time Warner. I really don’t know why I waited that long but I guess I was gullible enough to believe Verizon over and over again and trust me on this, I will NEVER make that mistake. Well now you can expect more activity on all my websites since I have connection back on my desktop. Verizon is bad and Time Warner Cable is the best connection I have had in my life so far. Of course I’ve had it only for about 4 hours, but I’ll stick with this for now.

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