Charter’s Black Friday Deal

Charter is giving out enormous amounts of savings with their great services. Their black friday is definitely going well. And with your purchase of the Charter High-Speed Internet, Charter Digital Home and Charter Telephone, you will be entered into willing one out of forty five X-Box 360 video game consoles. I am a big gamer as you may know from Gamers Forum and what I have done with it, so Charter is really pulling me towards their services because I think I have a chance of getting the x-box 360 since I have forty five chances of winning.

You will also get gift cards. For example if you buy one charter service you will get a $25 gift card. Buy two Charter services and end up getting a $50 gift card, or you can buy all three services and get a $150 gift card. And if you want Charter’s Ultimate Bundle and get a $250 gift card. Charter’s High Speed internet has some crazy speeds. Their TV Bundles has some great channels including HBO and Cinemax. And their phone line gives you unlimited calling. Triple Win right there if you ask me. Visit their web site at for more information and remember to check out what will work for you.


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