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GF Counter-Strike 1.6 Server

I would like to invite you to the counter-strike 1.6 server any time you feel. Below is the connection addresses you can use to connect to our server and play for free any time without a problem at all.


If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at any time, we’ll be happy to help you out. Have fun in our server!

Personal Loans

Personal loans mania is giving everyone that needs a Personal Loan nationwide. So whether you found your dream car and can’t pay for it through your own pocket, or whether you need something to redecorate your home. Do not be afraid to ask for a little personal loan to do something special for your own self.

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Post 555

I can’t believe it but after a while we have reached post 555. If you don’t know, usually at the end of most of my usernames used on other forums and web sites, I put a 555 there. I don’t know what it is about the triple 5 but I just got used to it there and have had it for well over a decade now.

And also this blog reaching 555 posts is a huge milestone. I am happy to have finally got it there. Hopefully post 600 won’t be too far off, only 45 posts to go. Wish me luck!

Conversion Calculator

If you need a good1-Step Metric Conversion Calculator then the web site has just what you need. Imagine you being in a country that uses the metric system instead of the usual English System that we are used to in the United States. I know you are bound to get confused when purchasing milk by the liter than by the gallon. Just use the conversion calculator and watch it convert everything.

This calculator has over 350 conversions and it is perfect for students, travelers, and even professors in colleges that may have a bit of trouble themselves. You can go to and purchase the conversion calculator directly from their web site, Don’t wait too long to get confused, convert it to your understanding.

High Verizon Phone Bill

Yesterday my dad showed me the phone bill he received from verizon for his shop. It was about $50 over priced which is almost 150% more than he should pay which is ridiculous. So I have scheduled to call those guys and see whats up.

Conveyor System

If you are in need of a conveyor system such as a unit handling conveyors, food handling conveyors and components for various material handling applications then you are in luck because the CSE Conveyors will be able to help you with all your needs. The Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. is a professional company dedicated to helping people that needs conveyor systems.

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Apartment Fire

Early today morning at around 2:30 am a pile of garbage caught fire which eventually ignited a car which turned out to be just plain old ugly. It was a bad scene but the firefighters were able to control the flames quickly which I am thankful for.

I do have some pictures and when I get the chance I will definitely upload the images to this blog to show you guys the damage to the car because the other damage isn’t as visible as it was when it happened.

Radar Guns

So what are Radar Guns? People use this to check the speed of things whether it is for a car where you are trying to measure how fast it is going or even in sport such as baseball when you want to know how fast the pitcher just pitched the ball. Sports and Traffic Radar Guns can be found at the radar gun sales shop and you can use it for all of your speed detecting needs. All of the items at the Radar Gun Sales shop is USA made and shipping in the US is free, yes, FREE. So you will be saving more while getting a better product and having it shipped to your house for free. You will not have to get up this hot summer season or even get dressed, all you have to do is stay there, pick out your favorite radar gun or what you think will work, check out, pay for the item, and wait a few days for the delivery man to knock on the door and there you have your radar gun.

You can visit their web site at any time at and check out their selections. They have available warranties for their radar guns so if your radar gun suddenly stops working within the warranty period you can have it fixed or even replaced if it can not be fixed for free. You can not ask for much more than that if you ask me. My favorite is the Jugs COrdless Radar Gun because it is cheap and portable and it does the job.

Independence Day

I would like to wish everyone of you a Happy Independence day from the WebZ Junk Zone Blog. Today is the day to celebrate the American Independence and later on tonight I have a plan to go to mid town Manhattan, Times Square to be more specific, and see if we can catch some fireworks.

Today is a very gloomy day and they didn’t even have fireworks at Time Square this past new years so I doubt we’ll be enjoying any kind of fireworks today but oh well, it will make my little sister happy so I will do it.

Happy Independence Day guys!

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