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Which College Should You I To?

Which College Should I Go To? That is a very common question among all high school seniors and some high school juniors. Trying to figure out the right college to go to can be a huge hassle and troubling for teenagers. I know because my past 2 years of high school, I have been strugling to get accepted into many collegs and trying to figure out which one to go to. One college I wanted to apply to was Gibbs. They have great programs that can help not just me, but help anyone get their associates or bachelors degree and pursue Graduate school later on. You can contact them here. Contact them and ask for more information about their programs or if you have any other questions you’d like to know.

Here are some tips to Picking the right college for you. First, think about what you want to be when you grow up. Although your undergraduate years do not determine if you will bececome that lawyer or doctor, you can get skills earlier in life before grad school. Second, check if you can afford to pay for the college tuition per term after all financial aid and scholarships. And third but not least, visit that school if you can before you accept and see if you like the environment of learning. Most colleges have some sort of orientation and/or tour of the college. I went to my tour and orientation and I figured this was the right school for me.

Take my tips and you will find your right school.

Tips on Advertising – Temporary

My Admin Solutions blog will host some advertising info, free and paid, for a few days as I move to my new house. Since I wont be able to update any of my blogs in a while, I thought I’d leave a treat in one of my most helpful blogs out.

Click the link below to be forwarded to that subdomain and start reading articles.

Free Advertising Tips

Good luck!

LCD vs Plasma

Learn about the different features of LCD and Plasma TVs and figure out which one fits your needs. A ton of information for both parts. Digg if you find usefull.

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Awaiting the Google PageRank Update

As most webmasters know the google servers should be updating as we speak. And it has been about 3 months since the last update and we all know the update occurs usually once every 3 months. But, this time, the servers are acting kind of slow on updates. By this time last update, some servers showed changes for most websites and only a few people have announced to have seen changes in some datacenters.

In my opinion, the update should occer within the coming week.

Online Banking

As the internet world and technological advances grow, there are more features and products to view, feel, and use. As the title says, online banking has become a big part of people’s lives everyday. They can finance their businesses or individual needs online. You can pay your bills, view your current accounts balances and view your bank charges and you can manage all of that from sitting in front of a computer at home. And knowing what bank to go to can give you an advantage when you want to reclaim bank charges.

You can view how much money you have received in a wire transfer or how much money you deposited or withdrew three months ago all from sitting at home. Online banking is seen as very secure and very affective. This can save you a lot of time. Instead of waiting in a line at your bank to pay your credit card bills, you can do it online directly from your account. And if you have a printer, voila, you can print out a receipt right there. You don’t have to change your clothes and drive there. This is more convenient and even though I am just starting to use online banking to pay bills and view how much I have left and how much I should withdraw, I thought I’d give you some idea of how it helps me out and how it can help you out if you give online banking a try.

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Arcade 29

Today I will tell you about my newest website out and it is my first arcade ever. It is known as Arcade 29 and you can visit it at It was launched the middle of this week about a day before this post here. It now has a total of 150 playable arcade games and one of my favorites is the 3D worm. It is the remade version of the famous snake game it is pretty challenging and pretty fun.

I am working on getting a few thousand games, yes you read right, a few thousand games for you all to play. It has gotten over 300 plays the first day of launch and to save some of your high scores, you will have to register, but you do not have to register to play the games. The arcade look is being worked on at the moment. As you can see there aren’t many themes for this arcade script and the current theme doesn’t really go well with those colors. But it’s no worries, in a few days or even a few weeks, it should have a new look along with a great feeling and gameplays on the forum. Visit Arcade 29 today and play some games for yourself. It’s in your hands now.


Paintball is a very fun activity among friends, family, and people you don’t even know. There are places or rings where you can play paintball and even set up a team. With your team you can enter leagues and competitions. I know this because I have friends that are sort of lets say, Paintball Addicts. They have tried to get me into the sport but due to personal reasons, I had to back out. And for those of you who do not know what paintball is, it is basically a sport of shooting little balls of paint. These Paint balls explode and mark your opponents of the color of your team or just the color of your paint if you are playing just for fun.

You can search your local city or area for paintball arenas where you can lease or borrow their guns or go to your local paintball store and buy one for yourself. Some of the recommended paintball guns are Tippmann A-5 and Tippmann 98 Custom and only some of the best and most equipped stores will carry. Please know that this is a sport of fun and not mere competition. You can get hurt even with all the protection you would wear.

Please play with caution and don’t let anger control your gun. You can and probably will regret it later. Have fun paintballing!

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Magic Stones

One of my favorite type of game is RPG game. RPG stands for Role Playing Game. There are thousands of RPG Games out there. One of the most popular game is known as World of Warcraft. Another one being Guild Wars. And the third one I’d like to mention is called Magic Stones. Just like any and all other RPGs, you play as a character online, go around the map, fight, collect materials, and do quests. It is a new, cheap, and very fun game to play that already has a huge fan base.

You can order Magic Stones full version directly from their website. There are ton’s of ways and methods to play. You can go into quest mode where you can play a certain storylines and just have fun. There is always more than one quest so the fun doesn’t stop. If you have a mac, you can add this to your mac games collection and just brag to it about your friends.

Stay tuned for more posts about the latest and hottest games out here on WebZ Junk Zone. Magic Stones is added to one of my recommended games to play. Hope you take into consideration to check it out.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are used by majority of the United States shoppers, merchants, businesses, and just regular people. If you don’t know what a credit carrd is, it is just a little card that you can buy things with. And no it’s not free, you have to pay for it later with your funds. You must also pay back with certain amount of interest otherwise credit card companies don’t benefit. If you need a credit card I suggest that you compare credit cards from different companies and see their features and what other extra things they offer to their card holders. There are certain cards known as cash back credit cards where you can get some cash back depending on what you buy and when you buy it.

I will tell you more about cash back credit cards. Cash back just means that at the end when you pay your credit card bill with the interest, you may have to pay back less than what the product cost because the company gave you a certain percentage of cashback because you either spent a certain amount of money or bought a certain product that benefits them. Again no credit card company will do anything that does not benefit them and I say that from experience.

Please try to use credit cards wisely and don’t go crazy with shopping and buying every little thing you want. You will have to pay back later and pay back more. Just look for the right card for you and good luck.

note: this post has been sponsored by payperpost.

Nokia n95

Technology continues to advance at a dizzying pace with major breakthroughs or upgrades available for something or the other on a constant pace. And today, every bit of our life seems to depend on it. Communication it self has been revolutionized by technology. Take cell phone for example; once a simple tool to make it possible for people to communicate when on the move, today the device has a life of its own, offering a mountain of features, from word processing to entertainment. One phone that has taken mobile communication and multimedia features to a different playing field is Nokia’s N95. Read more information on why many folks are choosing to buy Nokia N95.

The imaging options in the N95 is just fantastic- the 2.6 inch TFT screen offers 16 million colours and comes in handy when you use its VGA video calling feature or just review the files you have shot with its exceptional phone camera. While the 5 Mega pixel camera is equipped with Carl Zeiss lens, the built in Universal Plug and Play technology also allows you to view all your videos, captured at 30 FPS, and photos on compatible TVs. And if you want to transfer it, you can do efficiently via its multiple networking options of USB, WLAN, Edge, Infrared, GPRS and Bluetooth.

The music player also pushes its options to the limit by accepting a wide array of digital music formats such as MP3, AAC and AAC+ and WMA. And you can also tune in to your local FM stations, especially when you are travelling. Another travel friendly feature on the phone is its built in GPS with information of a 100 cities. Find out money saving tips when you buy nokia n95 cell phone.

For work or for play, it doesn’t matter. The Nokia N95 will process and deliver it all to you on the palm of your hand seamlessly. Find even more information on the nokia n95 unlocked.

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