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Everyone needs a vacation. What makes a vacation better is if you are on a cruise. I have been on a cruise once in my life but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was just a 3 day cruise near the gulf of mexico and south Atlantic Ocean. It was a great experience. And if you ever plan on taking a break from all that work that you do – try to find your Local Travel Agents and book a cruise for a few days. Take a break. A cruise can relax your entire body and make you feel like a new person. Better than any spa can provide for you.

Local Cruise Agents can be found near your local travel agents. They specialize in different departments. As you may find air travel agents or land travel agents, cruise agents are basically the other group.

One place I always wanted to go to was the Bahamas after a week long cruise. Rest there for a few days then head back home. It has become one of my vacation plans for a summer break sometime in college. Next time you need a break, give a cruise some thought.

Money From Homes

Again I am still learning about the basics and how financing works and how it can help you in the present and future. When you get a mortgage on your house, it is financing. You are planning to pay the mortgage company the price of the house little by little in the future. This can save you money when your house is worth more in the future after refinancing. But just incase you are not able to refinance and increase the price of your house – you can always find cash property buyer, or cash house buyer, or a broker that can sell your house for you. Cash buyers pay you cash for your house.

Cash buyers doesn’t necessarily mean that you will profit too much but just incase of bad situations where you are unable to pay off your debt or pay off your mortgage, selling your house can be a good idea. It can give you money as well as take you out of debt and save you money later on. You can make money from your homes by refinancing and selling for a higher price as the price grows or selling to buyers that buy property for their projects.

Online Coupons

Everyone that shops online likes coupons. I know I love them. You can get discounts on your favorite things. Get prices cut off from Domains, Hosting, Advertising, Auction sites, and more. Coupons and Discount Codes offers are all over the internet. This makes your online shooping much cheaper. All business people like to save on everything they buy. I know I do.

Coupons and Discount Codes are always Making your online shopping cheaper. Here you can find coupons on your favorite items such as domains, web hosting, computers, and more. You can ask for help in their forum as well.

Think of how much you can do and buy if you can save even a little amount of money. Every dollar saved adds up and becomes more in the future. You know where to go if you need updates on the latest discount coupons on all of your favorite products.


In Most businesses, you see people wearing suits and they are almost always dressed up, except for those casual friday’s of course. But I count those outfits as uniforms because they wear the same type of clothes, not the same clothes, everyday. And since they all look like the same type of outfit, it can be considered an uniform. Police uniforms, nursing uniforms, doctors uniforms, and school uniforms have certain colors to them that add to their unique features and helps to tell them apart.

What I am trying to say is wearing Uniforms to work, meaning suits, dress nicely, wear a tie, a shirt, and slacks, can help your overall outlook and other’s behavior toward you. It can also show respect as it has been showed to businessmen in the 19th and 20th century. Mostly on Wall Street but it has spread through out the world. Uniforms and business go together because they both can mean money and they both mean order and thats a huge key to success.


Financing is a great thing to do. This is just helping you set aside budgets for certain things and another budget for something else. Financing can also help with your businesses get better and more money. It helps you know the amount of employees you can have and the amount of profit you have. Financing is all about the money. Whether its financing with houses, cars, atv financing, business financing, re-financing your home to increase value, or anything else. Also financing had to do with the loans you take out. Either USA loans, or UK Loan, or France Loans. Its the same deal. Everything has the same type of rules and they work the same way.

Financing is still something I am learning about so I thought it would be nice to share about what I know so far and as a way for me to write down some things I’ve learned. I will be sharing more as I learn more. Just always think about if you will make money with what you will do and not end up going in debt. Tip given by a teacher.

Advertising on Blogs

Advertising on blogs can be a huge way of getting a great backlink along with a good amount of traffic. Blogs are a huge source of information for the whole internet community and people just like to visit blogs and see what is in them. Advertise on blogs that has a pretty good pagerank or has a decent amount of traffic.

A tip if you will advertise on other blogs, don’t advertise if it has not been updated for about three weeks. Meaning no post has been made for the last 21 days. Many say that inactive blogs are blogs without posts for a month but I disagree and put my own time there. I say from two and a half weeks to three weeks.

Try to advertise on blogs with the name niche or category as your site or has a category within the blog about your site’s category. It only helps with SEO and pageranks.

More tips will come soon enough so be sure to check back.

Article Contest

There have been countless contests in the internet since people have started to use it for social reasons or promotions of products or services or even to earn money. Contests usually give out monetary or usable online products such as domains. But money is what attracts so many people.

Article Popularity Contest is a contest where you can win a $1000. Just for writing one article. No entry fees, no qualifications, and no experience necessary. You can do a lot of $1000 so just check them out and see if you can put your writing skills to the limit and see if they are worth something more than just writing.

I am sure to enter this contest sooner or later when I have time that is, this is just information for all my readers out there, thanks for visiting and dont pass up this opportunity to make a grand.

Leisuretime, What To Do…

Everyone has a leisuretime or freetime as some may call it. People do many things and their leisure for fun. Some hang out with friends, others play sports or watch sports, and me, well I just like to spend some time on the internet and write a few blog posts if possible. Television helps big companies or business with their leisuretime promotions. What I mean by this is for example, Microsoft uses TV Ads to promote their computers and products. People go on computers most of the time for fun. It is also used for work and homework but how often do you do those when you are on the computer? TV just helps promote those ideas.

For your leisure, I recommend doing a few things that have gotten me through some boring times. First, find a movie you think you may like but never saw it before, it will entertain you taking away the boredom. Go out for a walk if its a nice day or go shopping, just dont spend too much money. Play sports, it is a very healthy thing to do no matter who you are. A little exercise will keep the heart running and keep it alive. You can even try to learn some web design or web management like I did a while ago. I am not sure how many people will find that “fun” but I sure did. So just next time you are bored just do something to get your body moving during your leisure.


College is a huge step in anyone’s life. I know because I will be attending my first year of college this August. Right after my Birthday. You maybe thinking that sucks, and I agree. It opens the day after my birthday actually. But all this aside, this post is directed to all those that want to go to college soon or are already in college. Some of the greatest collegs like Columbia in New York City, or St. John’s in Queens, New York, or Collins College in Arizona, or Princeton in New Jersey are all in the reach of your grasp.

If you are thinking of going to college and if you are a high school senior or a junior, I strongly recommend that you apply for your local community college. Reason number one, its cheap, a whole lot cheaper than private schools. Reason number two, it can be a backup plan if by any chance you don’t get into any other school. And reason number three, you can still get your degree here and get the same jobs as the person that went to private schools.

Just the tip for all those seniors and juniors in high school. Apply for your local community college. I have seen many of my classmates and others that didn’t apply and now they are struggling to get accepted into anything. Take my tips on school, I know what I am talking about in this area.

Direct Marketing

As you may know there are many types of marketing in the world. Some examples include: Mortgage marketing, consumer marketing, and business marketing. They all mean the same thing but for different types of individuals or parties. All these together can be known as direct marketing. That is the transaction between individual and business. There are many direct marketing comanpies out there. Microsoft can be seen as a Direct Marketing Company because they sell their products to the public directly via internet or stores. This is also known as business marketing.

Mortage marketing has to do with real estate. When you try to take a loan on that house you always wanted to buy, mortage marketing can be used as the noun for it. Doesn’t necessarily mean that it always goes. Consumer marketing consists of all shoppers. Everyone in the world is a consumer because they all buy or consume things. They go to stores and buy food, thats consumption.

There are many forms of marketing but I am most familiar with the three mentioned above so if you get a question in your economics class regarding differ types of marketing, you know what to say so good luck.

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