In Most businesses, you see people wearing suits and they are almost always dressed up, except for those casual friday’s of course. But I count those outfits as uniforms because they wear the same type of clothes, not the same clothes, everyday. And since they all look like the same type of outfit, it can be considered an uniform. Police uniforms, nursing uniforms, doctors uniforms, and school uniforms have certain colors to them that add to their unique features and helps to tell them apart.

What I am trying to say is wearing Uniforms to work, meaning suits, dress nicely, wear a tie, a shirt, and slacks, can help your overall outlook and other’s behavior toward you. It can also show respect as it has been showed to businessmen in the 19th and 20th century. Mostly on Wall Street but it has spread through out the world. Uniforms and business go together because they both can mean money and they both mean order and thats a huge key to success.

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