College is a huge step in anyone’s life. I know because I will be attending my first year of college this August. Right after my Birthday. You maybe thinking that sucks, and I agree. It opens the day after my birthday actually. But all this aside, this post is directed to all those that want to go to college soon or are already in college. Some of the greatest collegs like Columbia in New York City, or St. John’s in Queens, New York, or Collins College in Arizona, or Princeton in New Jersey are all in the reach of your grasp.

If you are thinking of going to college and if you are a high school senior or a junior, I strongly recommend that you apply for your local community college. Reason number one, its cheap, a whole lot cheaper than private schools. Reason number two, it can be a backup plan if by any chance you don’t get into any other school. And reason number three, you can still get your degree here and get the same jobs as the person that went to private schools.

Just the tip for all those seniors and juniors in high school. Apply for your local community college. I have seen many of my classmates and others that didn’t apply and now they are struggling to get accepted into anything. Take my tips on school, I know what I am talking about in this area.

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