Armand Rousso Response to NYT story

Armand Rousso responds to Saul Hansell’s story titled “Misgivings Spoil Plans of Start-Up”. He says that Hansell’s story was totally irrelevant and disturbingly wrong. Now tell me this, if you were told to write a story about the Sun, will you write it about the moon? No of course not because you can lose your job and you will be seen as unprofessional by many. Armand Rousso response to NYT story by Saul Hansell has made me realize that Hansell is not that great of a person.

Now I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and even some deserve a third chance. Hansell’s response was that, you do not get a second chance no matter how much you have done to pay off your debt or serve your punishment. Usually if you see anyone working hard to show others that he or she deserves a second chance, you give it to them. But Hansell’s beliefs are something I don’t agree on. Armand Rousso was right to respond back in the way that he did.

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