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Climate Gift is a search engine dedicated to the climate and of course, emphasizes the social need and responsibility to protect our environment so that our children and their children in the future do not suffer the bad fate we are leaving them with all our pollutants and other mishaps. You can visit the site at They have a customizable portal so you can make the portal the way you want it to be so you can enjoy saving and protecting the environment your own way. You can find news and even play games all on their website and it is all for a good cause.

This is a basic natural search engine. If you do search on here, you will find how the results and listings are similar to those of a huge search engine that has been online since computers were born or even the newest search engine with their own search bots surfing through the internet for information. Imagine helping the cause and fight against global warming by just searching through the web for personal needs. You can even get on their website and get a widget for your blog, I’ll post an example below. Remember the name, Climate Gift, give your gift to the climate for being good to you over the years.

Santa Fe, NM (PRWeb) March 10, 2008 – Search Engine Corp has just announced its new, environmental Web search engine project, This initiative was conceived of by ClimateGift’s parent company Search Engine Corp, the global leader in private label Web search engine development. The newest of these branded engines,, earmarks 50 percent of gross revenue generated from user searches for donation to designated environmental organizations. Environmental-minded businesses and individuals who would like to make their Web searches count can learn more about the new search engine project online at

In particular, three environmental organizations will profit from’s charitable Web search project. They are:
• World Resources Institute, which endeavors to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives
• Reef Check, which is dedicated to conservation of the tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs
• Earth Island Institute, which develops and supports projects that counteract threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustain the environment is a fundraising tool that will work 24/7 to help provide funding for these organizations to help them reach their organizational goals. Websites and blogs can also make an impact by putting a search widget on their sites for their users or direct them to to use as their daily search engine and portal. gives individuals a forward-thinking choice in Web-surfing options, one that satisfies their eco-consciousness in a way that Google and Yahoo! cannot. Also, users of can feel comfortable knowing that search results are comparable to these other search engines.
In addition, its AJAX portal option offers users a means of customizing their home page as well as access to a wide variety of news, games and tools from across the Web. Each organization’s portal includes specific widgets and news that support its initiatives. The environmental community will also appreciate the “Environment” category offers.
Tim Herzog, Director of Online Communications at World Resource Institute explains, “WRI is embarking on a mission to develop and build online communities among people who share our values and want to support our work. is a great way to strengthen those relationships. We can give people a better online experience that lets them support WRI with no cost to them.”

For more information on Search Engine Corp’s new, dedicated environmental Web search engine, contact Katrina Boschenko at (505) 660-9916. To learn more about how the everyday task of Web searching can benefit some of the nation’s top environmental organizations, visit the search engine project online at

Katrina Boschenko
217 Sena Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 660-9916

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