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If you always looked for a good Store Locator By ZIP code Then you are in luck because Zip Code World makes it possible for you to find all that you need because now they support 33 countries. Find stores from Austria to the United States all the way to South Africa. If you want less than a 100 listings then they charge you nothing but if you want to go ahead and look for thousands, they offer a reasonable price. Here are a few interesting facts about Zip Code World.

a) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is supporting 1089 companies and total of 30692 unique stores and growing.
b) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is supporting 33 countries worldwide including United States and Canada.
c) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is free for business with less than 100 stores. The only thing we would like in return is to display a banner linking back to our Web site.
d) The ZIPCodeWorld Store Locator Live is also available in .NET and PHP. Programmers can install it in their local servers.
e) The company also provides comprehensive ZIP code and postal codes resources for United States, Canada and Mexico.

Visit their website at for more information and use their products as you wish. And try out their demo to make sure this is what you need.

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