Do You Like Oysters?

Millions of people around the globe love to eat oysters. These are mollusks that are rich in sources such as zinc, vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids. These minerals and vitamins help our bodies grow and be healthy. And if you eat your oysters after they have been cooked, and cooked well I might add, then you shouldn’t have to worry. Some people love to eat Raw Gulf oysters or even have then undercooked to keep it rawish but not fully raw and they don’t know it could be a risk to their health.

A nasty bacteria called the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria can be deadly to some. This is from eating raw or undercooked oysters because even though they may be tasty, they are still creatures of the wild sea and there are many types of bacteria that will get in your body if they are not killed by cooking them. You can go to for more information on these effects oysters can have on you including getting info on the post-harvest process.

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