Oyster Jewels

Oysters are known for two things. One is being a delicious mollusk for many whether they eat it as raw sea food or if they have it cooked and then eat it. And the other thing they are known for is producing pearls. These are round balls that are jewels and that are very unique. Can only be found in the mouth of an oyster. It is beautiful and Gulf oysters probably make some of the best looking and best feeling pearls around. Many people, especially women, wear these oyster produced pearls around their necks as necklaces or around their wrist as bracelets and then at the end they end up eating the oyster’s inside because they like the producer of their pearls as a food source.

But what if these oysters produced coals or even diamond, would you still eat these things? You can go to BeOysterAware.com for more information on how eating oysters can affect you negatively and what you can do in order to remain healthy by eating oysters. One tip from me is to always cook those things because there can be a lot of harmful bacteria you can’t see with your eyes. Stay save with oysters and their jewels.

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