If I remember correctly I only went to play paintball just once with my cousins when I was in Canada a few years ago. It is an extremely fun sport and I had a LOT of fun. And you can stretch the word “LOT” a LOT more. It’s like real combat without the real danger even though it hurts if you get shot at some places. If you want some paintball guns such as tippmann a5 upgrades, Tippmann 98 Custom, or even a Spyder MR2 ACS Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set, you can count on to help you out with that. is the Ultimate Paintball shop on the internet. I am not a huge paintball fan to know every single type of weapon out there, but hta tSpyder MR2 ACS Sniper set is looking awesome to me. Imagine shooting your opponents from a long distance. Won’t even give them a chance to see where the shots came from. This is just bringing back memories of when I want. I had just a regular gun that looked like a sub-machine gun, don’t know name and I really wasn’t into the gun back then, Just wanted to shoot something with the paintballs.

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