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Well as you may know already, I converted my Gaming Forum from SMF to vBulletin almost three months ago and I haven’t looked back. There is a very good thing I found out about vbulletin and its Method of SEO. Well first, because of vB, the number of times search engine blogs such as Googlebot and Yahoo! Slurp Bots have gone way up. At first I used to get hundreds of Yahoo Bots online at the same time and a few Google bots at the same time. Much better than MSN though.

I have limited the number of bots that can and that should enter my forum because they do eat up a lot of resources. By resources I mean Bandwidth. I am not rich enough to get a big host with a lot of bandwidth so I have to be careful. I get hundreds of visitors a day and they take a lot of bandwidth themselves.

Another good thing about SEO I found is that since I started using vBulletin, the number of indexed pages in google has gone way up. Of course the number has gone up in Yahoo as well but not as much. Well my point is that, the vBulletin forum software is very good, better than any other Forum CMS that I used.

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