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You can also join Gamers Forum and ask for help there and contact the forum’s administrator.

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2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi,
    sorry to bother you but I have gone and done a pretty stupid thing.
    I changed my email at P4H and am now locked out of the forum. I can still get into my cpanel.
    The email that I changed it to was the wrong one and so can’t be activated and I therefore can’t log in to fix the problem.
    Anyway I can’t get in touch with sukantab via the cpanel and I can’t log in to the forum to contact him.
    Could you do me a favor, copy and paste this message in a PM to sukantab for me.

    Many Thanks Njoker


  2. LiNuX says:

    i have PMed him :) you should know that he was in the hospital the past few days so it can be a while

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