Bodies – Drowning Pool

This is a song made famous by the ECW events. This was also their theme song for a while and it is a pretty good song to say so. ECW stands for Extreme ChampionshiP Wrestling. It is still on now but controlled by the World Wrestling Entertainment. This song is called “Bodies” and it was performed by Drowning Pool. Drowning Pool is a great punk rock band. Their music and lyrics go well together.

They do scream a lot and if you don’t like screaming, it’s alright, it’s not screaming all the way. Punk rock is all about screaming and anger I guess. But this song is one of my favorites by Drowning Pool and I will post some more later on from the band.

Again this song is called “Bodies” and it’s by Drowning Pool. Enjoy and LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!

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