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I have been attending college for about the past four months of my life. So far I will tell you that this is the best experience of my life. I am meeting new people, I am taking the classes I actually want to take, and my grades are excellent due to some great teachers teaching me the subject. If you are a college bound High School senior, you will need to get as much college information as you possibly can because every college is different and special in their own way and trust me, you want it to be different and special in YOUR own way and not the college’s own will.

You can go to and get information on the different types of colleges out there. Get an insight on the types of classes and courses they offer and what type of degrees they offer. If you want to be an engineer when you grow up and you end up going to a school that specializes in Medicine, what will you do then? Transferring can take time but stop wasting time and fill your head with information because this will help you out greatly when the time comes. Good luck!

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