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I have posted before on this blog about how I am looking for a cheap game server for my forum. Well by game I mean Counter-Strike 1.6 game server. I have been doing research and trying to find the cheapest ones around that fit into my budget and I didn’t have to look too far when I ran into Their Counter-Strike game servers are in excellent condition and I have checked my latency which goes into single digit at times. I haven’t found too many other companies with any speed like that. And their 12 slot server that I’ve been searching costs less than $18/month and that is lower than what I’ve seen anywhere else. They also give you a discount if you can purchase for 3 months or more and the savings are incredible.

Along with a game server, I may get a ventrilo server for my forum. This is to keep the forum members in tact and this is another way for them to socialize. Ventrilo servers allow people to talk over the internet with a program called Ventrilo. DallasXtreme ventrilo server hosting is one of the cheapest I’ve found with a 10 slot server for less $5. That’s less than $.50 per slot, now I wish the game servers were this priced, don’t you? But I pay purchase one and if I can turn these into anything big I pay get a 100 slot server which costs less than $30, thats a big price drop. If you want any of these services, just check out their sites.

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