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Social networking is when you interact with others on the internet. There are many social networking sites now that helps you do that. Two of the most famous ones are MySpace and Facebook. MySpace has come out less than a decade ago and it has over 130 million members. Yes, you read right, over one-hundred and thirty million people are a part of it. It is amazing that people keep on joining just to waste most of their time.

To me, spending time on these sites is a waste of time because it doesn’t really benefit me much. I am a part of them and I do believe it is a pretty good way to keep in touch with a few friends and that’s it. But I really don’t like it when people spend hours to make their page look “hot” or “coor.” It really doesn’t matter to me what your page looks like whether you are my friend or not. It is just a way to keep in touch. Don’t let my opinion alter your thoughts, just had to get that off my chest for now.

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